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The Four Horsemen Riders In The Book of Revelation

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Many papers and books have been written to explain the four horsemen riders in the book of Revelation chapter 6. Many claims have been made about them, and some of the things written about these riders are not true.

The first rider of the four horsemen found in the book of Revelation rides a white horse. He wears a crown that tells the world he is a king.

Doing what kings do, this rider goes out conquering other countries. An interesting thing about the rider is that he has a bow, but he has no arrows for his bow. The rider will make war in an unconventional way. He will conquer through diplomacy and his ability to solve the economic situations of the world. This rider is the anti-christ who will be ruler of the entire world before long.

Then we meet the second rider. He rides a red horse. He takes peace from the earth and makes war, i.e. “given a great sword.” Daniel tells us in chapter 9 of his book that the anti-christ makes a peace agreement with the Jews that allows them to begin their Levitical system of worship again. However, in the middle of the seven-year period of tribulation, the anti-christ will break the agreement.

Although only two verses separate the first two riders in chapter 6 of Revelation, there is a time difference of 3-and-1/2 years. The anti-christ, the rider on the white horse, begins his campaign of control through economics and diplomacy. In three years he has established his reign on the earth. Then the second rider comes on the scene and takes peace from the world.

Then the third rider of the four horsemen of Revelation rides out. He rides a black horse. This horseman is bad! He represents inflation and famine, two things that follow the war brought about by the second rider.

In his hands is a pair of scales. Bread will cost the equivalent to a day’s wages for someone making minimum wages, i.e. around $54.00.

 After this horseman comes the fourth. If the second and third riders were bad, this one is horrendous. Although he is pictured riding a “pale horse” the Greek word is actually chloros, greenish, green. Our English word chlorine comes from this Greek word. Since this rider kills one-fourth of the earth’s population. He can easily accomplish this with chlorine gas, bacteriological warfare and conventional weapons.

This has been a quick look at the four horsemen riders in the book of Revelation. We cover these riders in depth in our study of Revelation. Get your copy of it today. The cost if very minimal, and you can even get a copy for free if you can’t afford it. 


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