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Types of Tea And Its Uses

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There are various types of tea available. Important and popular tea varieties and its usefulness are explained below.


This tea is made of cardamom. Cardamom is mainly grows in India. One can get Cardamom easily at shops. Just make the Cardamom into a power like substance and then put it during the regular tea preparation which adds much taste for tea. Also Cardamom is good for health. Cardamom is mainly used for curing teeth and gum related infections and hence if we drink this tea twice a day out teeth will be much healthier.


This tea is made out of Ginger. In a ginger plant, ginger will be available under root and this is also widely used for medical purpose. This mainly cures Diarrhea and Nausea. While preparing tea, just add two to three small pieces of cut ginger into the tea and boil it thoroughly. Ginger tea will be stronger to drink and it is really a pleasure to drink Ginger tea. This cures throat infections also.


This is a new category of tea recently in practice all over the world. Just a tea spoon of lemon juice drops while preparing tea will enrich the taste and strength of tea. While preparing Lemon tea, it is not recommended to add milk since it will spoil the total taste of the Lemon tea. Just prepare Lemon tea with tea dust and Lemon juice drops.


Green tea is a kind of tea made with a combination of tea dust and Tulsi (in English called as Ocimum Tenuiflorum). This will give a refreshing taste for tea and it is very good to drink everyday morning.


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