Friday, December 15

The Fairer Sex.

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What a male chauvinist really thinks of woman?Are they a curse or are they a blessing?Of course,they are a blessing…in fact,the greatest blessing to mankind!Too bad,they never seem to realize it and are always whining and acting irresponsibly.

Achievements feed our pride,
we hate to offer unsolicited advice.
They love to counsel,
they want to contribute.
Without empathy,
they cannot survive;
with the opposing instinct they are born,
but,they have to be cherished
before they are won!

With their delicate charm,
our essence they captivate;
but,they yearn for our ruggedness;
like the slavish copycats,
often they behave!

The beauty of those curves,
it ignites our desires.
but,they are the ones who burn with desires
like the sun with fire!

Our belongings they nurture,
them they keep.;
we choose to forget,
for them they weep!

To the mankind,
they provide the essential base;
when they transgress,
they must open the floodgates,
they lay everything to waste!

Many worship them,
many debase them.
Many love them,
many use them.
But,they belong to the core,
not many can ignore.

We rule the world,
they own our souls;
but,they want more!

We are men,
they are women,
we belong to the same specie;
but,they continue to puzzle,
they remain a mystery!


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