Tuesday, December 12

I Have An Idea That Will Make Facebook Stumble

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Before Facebook, there is Friendster and MySpace that are pioneering the social network sites. But how come Facebook surpasses these pioneer sites?  Well, the key is Innovation. Social networking was not invented by Facebook. Social Network was already there when Mark Zuckerberg launched his 25 billion-dollar-site (this is according to the movie The Social Network). Friendster and MySpace are good sites, but when the innovated social networking site, Facebook was launched, people find it fresh and more interesting to use. Facebook adopted the good features those existing social networking sites have and discard those features that are not good and unnecessary for the sites for the site. For example the customized profile in Friendster and MySpace. It is “cool” to have your profile customized, where you can put multimedia playing in your site and put you face in the four corners of your profile, but this features make your profile hard or too slow to load. Well unless, you can do something about it to load fast then it is great. But it’s not. It annoys me everytime I see a customized profile in Friendster.

So as I’d said, Innovation is the key. Drop those “uncool” and unnecessary features, retain the “cool” and necessary features, and add more “cooler” features. You’d seen it in Facebook first: network gaming on social networking site; the wall; profile pictures are larger and not fixed size. For me the most essential in the Facebook success is how it connects people. A person is not interested in all the people in the world; they are more likely to look for those people that they know. So it is “cool” if you will see a picture of somebody you know in your home page. “Suggested”, “mutual”, and “people that you might know” are an excellent features in Facebook. The “wall” makes you updated of what your friends are doing. These features make people encourage their friends to join this site.

I’d been mentioning the word “Cool” in here, because that’s what Facebook is. But there are lots of opportunities out there to be more “cooler”. So if you plan to create a site that will stumble Facebook, then “innovate” Facebook. There are still flaws in this site that need improvements. There are billions of people online daily and Facebook only got half a billion.

Maybe now you know my idea that will stumble Facebook is “Innovation”. Innovation brings Facebook to the top. So if you want to be on top, then you know what to do. See you when you became a billionaire guys. Good Luck!


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