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How To Invest On Paid-To-Click (Ptc) Sites.

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I’d seen lots of PTC members complaining about PTC sites that after they upgrade and buy or rent referrals, they later loss because of inactive rented referrals; available ads for upgraded members are not enough to offset the payment for upgrading; a rented referral clicks on the first few days then turn lazy all of a sudden or just stop clicking; and other things where they buy something that is not worth to buy on PTC sites.

Here are some guidelines on how to invest on paid-to-click (PTC) sites and win. (But first, we are talking about proven elite and paying PTC sites. If you want to know how to detect scam PTC sites then read this another article of mine.)

1. Read everything written on the PTC site (the terms, regulations, guidelines, rules, FAQ and others). Well of course you should have read these the first time you joined the PTC sites, but then again, you are investing your money in the site, so try to clearly understand everything that is written on the site. Learn the details of what you are about to buy; the price of upgrade, renting referrals, recycling referrals extending referrals, how much will you get from rented referrals, how many ads are available for upgraded members; things like this are very important.

2. Upgrade before renting referrals (Never rent referrals if you are not upgraded member). Rented referrals are not the same as buying referrals. Referrals that are bought are yours forever and renting referrals only stays for a month. Upgraded members have more benefits than free or standard members. Upgraded members usually have more daily ads to click; lesser price in renting, recycling, and extending referrals; and referrals earnings are higher than if you are a standard or free member. But keep in mind that even upgraded members have more ads to click daily than the free or standard members, those ads cannot compensate the amount you pay for your upgrade. You really need referrals to earn as upgraded member.

3. Gather direct referrals.  Direct referrals are referrals that joined the PTC site with you as their referrals. They can be you direct referrals if they signed up and put you as their referrals (using your username), or they joined the site by clicking your referral URL. The best referrals of course are direct referrals, since they are yours as long as they are members of the site.

Note: But be careful of gathering direct referrals, there are PTC sites that limit the number of direct referrals. For example, Onbux allows only 80 direct referrals for standard members and removing them will cost you $0.10. Referrals, direct or rented, are not guarantee active clickers. You might fill up those direct referral limits with inactive referrals.

4. Rent, recycle, and extend referrals. Rented referrals are also not sure active clickers. There are PTC sites that let you rent inactive referrals (and this is bad news) and there are sites, like NeoBux and OnBux that let you rent referrals that are active in the past 10 days. But still, these referrals are not sure active clickers after those 10 days. Most of these rented referrals are new members. Some of them were just trying the PTC sites for a while then later stop or got inactive. So don’t just rent, you should rent and monitor your rented referrals. Recycle those inactive referrals and keep those who are active. If you are planning to rent referrals only for a month, I suggest you don’t rent at all. It takes months to gather enough active referrals. So extend those active referrals and again recycle those inactive. Do this cycle of renting, recycling and extending referrals and soon you’ll see that you are now earning more than what you are investing.

5. Be an active clicker yourself. Most PTC sites or almost all PTC sites, are only rewarding referral clicks if the up-line himself click the ads. So click those ads also daily. So for these things to work out, you must click those ads daily.


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