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School of Rock Film Review

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Dewey Finn is a layabout who dreams of making it big with his rock band, he shares an apartment with his friend, Ned butt since the arrival of Ned’s girlfriend he is being nagged at for rent money. Dewey hoped to make money by getting his band to win the ‘Battle of the bands’ competition but when his band sack him he is out of ideas.

Dewey takes a phone call which is for Ned asking him to take any emergency substitute teacher job but as he is not there Dewey decides he will do the job. He arrives at a very posh pre-school and soon realises he is out of his depth. He is not able to teach the children as he is thick. Salvation comes his way when he hears the children in their music lesson and sets about forming a new band with the class. He says it is a new school project and soon the children are turning their backs on their classical roots to take on the new challenge of Rock.

Will Dewey be able to keep the children and the band a secret and just what will the consequences be when he gets found out for being a fraud?

I was looking forward to watching this film as Jack Black has entertained me in the past and I do find him to be very funny in some of his movies. This film was a disappointment for both me and hubby, not so much from the acting but certainly from he lack of comedy and the fact that Jack Black seemed to prefer daft to funny in this film. The storyline was good but towards the end I could not shake off the feeling of it being too similar to Sister Act 2 with the choir and the competition and I would have liked some difference in this film.

Jack Black took the lead role of Dewey and for me he was below average. There were times when I found him to be quite horrid and disgusting, especially when he was at home being a slob. He did improve slightly and clean his act up as the film went on but he was not a good role in my eyes. There were times when he let a bit of emotion get through his character and this was mainly when acting with the children. There was no depth to the role and for me I would have liked more emotion and feelings from him to be able to understand why Rock music meant so much to him.

The children actors were all quite good and there were one or two which made their characters stand out. We had the usual class mix with the chubby kid, the dumb one, the rebel and the class nerd and they were all played well. I found that some of the children came across as very stuck up and they seemed to me as if they were trying to over play the role and this did actually put me off them. There are a few other good roles and the role of head teacher was a good one and she did add a bit of comedy to the film. The role of Ned was one which I was not keen on either, he was played by Mike White and I just did not warm to him at all. I was not able to move away from the awful role he plated in the film Chuck ad Buck and I don’t think be bought anything to the film at all and there was actually no need for him to be included, we could have just got the impression of what he was like from things which had been said, maybe if another actor had played this role he would have come across better and I would have liked him to be more include in the film.

The film was mainly set in the school classroom and the sets and props were all very good, we did have a few outside scenes and again the scenery was god and fitted the film. The costumes were all good and the uniforms looked smart and detailed. There were a few special effects in the film but these were mainly when the bands were on stage and the lights and pyrotechnics were used and they were good and suitable.

The music had a definitely rock theme and despite not really being a fan of this genre of music I did enjoy it. It was all good and I liked how old and newly written tracks were included.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 108 minutes and did find this to be more than long enough. The rate is a PG and I agree with this. The film can be bought on DVD for just a few pounds but personally would not waste any money on it as it is shown on the TV a lot.

I wish I could give this film more than 3 stars as I wanted it to be good. The acting was OK and some of the children really shone but it was lacking in comedy and the storyline reminded me too much of Sister Act 2. One to watch if nothing else is on but don’t go out of your way to buy or watch this one.


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