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The Mumpreneur Diaries by Mosey Jones Book Review

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Mosey Jones is pregnant and counting down the days until her maternity leave starts, she is happily married and has a young son. She dreams of being able to not have to return to work and be able to successfully work from home and getting more quality time with her children.

She begins her maternity leave and soon the arrival of boy 2 turns her world around, She does not sleep as boy two is forever hungry and she has money worries now her husband is looking at being out of work. She meets with her fiends who also have children ands he agrees with her best friend to go into business. They decide that they will start up a babysitting business but with mom’s doing the sitting and offering other Mother services to struggling parents. Mosey has also enrolled on a Doula course which she hopes she will be able to fit in around her own children.

She is struggling to get idea for her businesses and whilst she waits she takes on writing work. The money is going out faster than it s coming in and she has to decide which business venture she is going to pursue.

Will Mosey be able to make a go of a business of her own and bring the money in or will she have to bit the bullet and go back to her normal daily life?

There was something about this book which really appealed to me when I read about it on the back cover so I was quite looking forward to reading about the life of another stay at home mom who was trying to bring in an income. I did enjoy the book and found it was quite interesting but for me overall there was something missing. The lack of characters names was quite distracting as I did not feel I was able to get to know them and relate to them very well, she would call he friends Other mother and Glamamom and I did find this off putting. Maybe if she would have made up names if she did not want to reveal their true identity then this would have been better.

The overall story is a diary of a year in her life, it starts off well and it s actually interesting but about half way through the book I was willing it to move on a bit faster as we kind of got stuck in a rut and nothing new was happening. This was quite a put off and I was completely disappointed with the end as we did not really have an conclusion and it was left open.

I found it was good the way she would talk about her home life and the struggles she was facing as not stay at home moms will be able to relate to this, I did find the parts where she would just sit down and watch day time TV a bit of a let down as I know most people believe this is all stay at home moms do but I wish I could have the time to sit and watch a bit of daytime TV, what between the school runs, cleaning, endless washing and drying and then entertaining the child at home don’t even get time to have wee in peace let alone sit down!

Mosey was a good character and I enjoyed reading about her take on things. She was easy to get to know and she did show us some emotions and talked about her struggling. I found her easy to relate to but there was the lack of connection between her and her boys as she never gave their names and she never talked about the times she would just spend quality time with them, I would have liked some of this included in the book.

The writing style was good and easy to follow, it is written as a diary and the dates are all included, I did find this a bit off putting at first but when I got about half way through the book I did actually give up reading the dates and just read what she had written about.

At times I did feel like wanting to shake Mosey and tell her to stop thinking about he self and think more about what was best for the family, I mean if you are short on money and don’t know if your husband s going to have a job soon then you don’t go on a shopping spree and waste a load of money, she also at times seemed very self indulgent and as if she only had her self to think of and her own needs, and as any other mother known you can not be like this when you have a family.

There are a total of 313 pages in the paper back edition of the book and it has a retail price of £7.99. I did not pay this price as I got this book in an offer with 3 books for £5. It was published by Harper Collins.

I cannot give this book more than 3 stars despite finding it good. There was a good story but it did not move fast enough for me, the main character was good but a bit un-likable at times and the ending was a let down for me. I think this is a good start to a book but more is needed and we definitely need proper character names to be able to relate and get to know them. Enjoyable but nothing special.


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