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Hanted Honeymoon Film Review

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Larry Abbot works for the Manhattan Mystery Theatre where he is a tells stories to the listeners with the help of fiancé Vickie. He is due to be married to a few days to Vickie but he starts to get a weird feeling every time he hears a thunder storm, and working telling mystery stories this happens quite a lot. The radio station get a visit from Larry’s uncle who tells them that for him to be cured from this bizarre behaviour they need to scare it out of him. They decide that Larry needs to spend the weekend at his old home, a very old mansion, and have a very big scare.

Larry and Vickie set off to his old home but once there things really start getting strange. Will the family be able to scare Larry back to normal and will he ever be well enough to marry?

I have to admit to having no desire to watch this film but reluctantly agreed as hubby wanted to watch it and I did think it may be good as it starred Gene Wilder. I was sadly disappointed. The storyline was average and the ending was so daft I was left thinking to myself ‘what had just happened’ as it really made no sense to me. There was some good acting from a select few but overall the film was a big let down.

Gene Wilder took the lead role of Larry and he was quite good in his role. I was able to connect with him for the majority of the film but I felt he went daft a few too many times in the film when he was trying to be funny and this really did change my opinion of him. The role was not an easy one to work out as we did not get to know much about him or his history. We did get to know some things when we met his brother and family members at the mansion but for me this was not enough. The role of Vickie was not very good in my eyes, one minute she was shy and quiet and the next she was very brazen and man hungry, she was played by Gilda Radner. There was nothing about her character which I was able to connect with and get a good vibe from.

We did have one excellent support actors and that was Dom DeLuise, he played the drag role of Aunt Kate. She was a crazy and eccentric woman and she did manage to bring some much needed humour to the film. Other actors included, Jonathan Pryce, Eve Ferret, Jim Carter and Paul L Smith. None of the roles were exceptional and they all seemed to blend into one.

The film was set around the 1930’s and this is very apparent from the clothes and the vehicles used. The way the mansion was without electricity and the way they all lived was authentic for the year and made the film seem a bit more real. The sets were quite good but some of the outside scenes were clearly shot in a studio and looked rubbish. We did have some special effects which were to be honest very poor. I know this film was made in 1986 but I still would have expected better.

This film is classed as a comedy but for me it was completely lacking n laughs. We did get some good laughs and giggles from the role of Aunt Kate as she was excellent and crazy but for me I would have expected more from Wilder. Personally I find he is much funnier when bouncing off Richard Pryor and his none appearance in the film really had an effect on Wilders timing and ability to bounce of others lines.

As this is a film only review then there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 82 minutes and the rate is a PG, I think this is a suitable rate and although it is supposed to be a scary comedy there was nothing which would scare even a scaredy-cat in this film.

I have to disappointingly only give this film 2 stars, one of these is for the super performance from Dom DeLuise as there was a lack of comedy and the ending was poor and overall I felt it was missing in the acting and plot stakes. Don’t waste your time or money on this film.


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