Tuesday, December 12

G Force Film Review

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Would you believe that the FBI have a special section which is working to train animals to be able to go into situations and get vital information, well t has worked and we have an elite team of guinea pigs and a mole who are known as G-force. They are a special team and have been training hard to try and get the dirt on a business man they believe is trying to take over the world.

The team is lead by Darwin and after successfully completing the mission and getting the information they need to bring the company down and to save their own section of the FBI they head back to the lab. Unfortunately the file they have has been altered so the information is missing. This leads the FBI to close down their work, the guinea pig manage to escape though and they soon find themselves in a pet shop.

Can Darwin lead his team in an escape mission and prove to the FBI that they had been right about the world take over or will they be destined to become normal household pets?

There was something about this film which made me quite interested, I think t may have been fact it was aimed at children so I would be able to watch with ease and not have to concentrate too hard on the story. I spotted the DVD in Tesco for just £5 a few days ago and thought about buying it but hubby said not to as he had sky pluses it for us the previous night! I really did enjoy this film and found everything about it was excellent. The storyline was good and the mix of animals and humans made it seem more realistic and the way they all interacted was super. The storyline was good and not overly simple, they was a good plot and enough o keep children of all ages entertained.

The animation used for the guinea pigs was excellent and they really did look amazing. They were created to look as much like a normal guinea pig as possible, but they were given a few human characteristics, they were able to talk to the humans and operate computer equipment and spy gadgets. This really worked very well and there were times when I forgot that they were actually animated and not real. They were able to show emotion and there was a lot of detail put into each and every one of them. The vocals which they were given really suited their characters and made them come to life. The voices included, Sam Rockwell, Jon Favreau, Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz. They each made their animated character come to life and put a lot of expression and emotions into their lines and it worked very well.

We did have some human acting in the film and actors included, Bill Nighy, Will Arnett, Zach Galifanakis and Kelli Garner, I thought they all did a great job and they worked very well with the animated characters and special effects throughout the film. I think it takes a lot to be able to act to something which is not actually in front of you but they managed it extremely well.

There were a lot of special effects used in the film and it all blended very well and looked amazing. The gadgets which the guinea pigs had were good and I loved how they were normal things which humans would have just only a lot smaller. There were some spy gadgets used and I think these were shown very well and I especially liked the way the normal hamster ball was converted into a three wheeled super fast car for their escape.

There is a lot of humour in the film and it is done in a way so that the film will appeal to both the younger market and also the parents who have to watch the film at the same time. I found me and hubby really got into the film and there was a few times when we both laughed out loud.

We sat and watched this film last night and as we were doing so the boys did sneak downstairs to see what we were watching and we did promise that they could watch the film themselves. They did watch it this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. They even managed to sit for the whole duration and not get bored at any point. They thought the gadgets were cool and the guinea pigs were real. I have not had the heart to tell them they were not real.

The running time of the film is 88 minutes and I found this was a very suitable length considering the market it is aimed at. The rate is a PG and agree with this as there are some scenes of mild peril which may upset very young viewers. My boys are aged 8, 6 and 3 and none of them got scared but then again my boys do go in for scary movies and super hero films which always show things like this. As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to talk about. The DVD can be bought for around the £5 mark and it is currently £5 in Tesco.

I have to give this film the full 5 stars as both me, hubby and the boys all enjoyed it a lot. There is a good mix of real and animated action and there is enough comedy and action to entertain an audience of any age. Definitely one to watch when you get the chance. I would even say it was well worth the £5 price tag, but it is currently being shown on Sky movies so try to catch it there for free.


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