Wednesday, December 13

All Alone,he is on His Own.

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He came to this world with a squeal;
with chubby cheeks,
and innocence in his eyes,
he looked like a little angel!
The world seemed to a be a riddle,
everytime he made a discovery,
he used to giggle,
his eyes had a sparkle.
So full of life,
Him, all wanted to cuddle,
wherever he went,there used to a be a little rabble.

Life is much about self restraint,
violence serves no end.
To his father’s dissappointment,
the kid was born with a rebellious instinct,
he was a complete firebrand!

Coupled with hard work,
his cause,
intensity used to propel.
his recklessness continued to repel,
the kid was no more the cynosure!
Strong was the protest,
but,it was gentle,
it was implicit,
it was silent.

He was awesome,
his equal there was none,
his glory made his adversaries suffer in disgrace.
Everytime he made the chase,
success he got to taste.

Submissive to only one,
she used to call him the perfect one!
Around him,he used to have a big crowd,
until his glory was taken in a shroud.

Prolonged failure ended the illusion,
the old man gives vent to his frustration.
His success was a prolonged fluke,
he rebukes.
He is scolded,he stands orphaned.

The crowd that used to envelop,
it seems to have vanished like an antelope.
Like the last moments of darkness,
it has eloped.

His friends of yore,
they dissappoint.
Favours of past which they owe,
they fail to reciprocate.

His queen has done the VOLTE FACE!
Numerous vows she had taken,
them she has forsaken,
like fortune,she has taken another side.
Like the captain of a sinking ship,
she has left the wreck,
he experiences a heartbreak.

In his solitude,
he begins to realise,
reality has shown its horrible face.
The truth dawns on him,
slow but sure,
the world is the furtherance of self interest,
to the core.
Virtues are scarce,
they are privileges.
He is known by his deeds,
he is here to serve the needs.
But for resolve and passion,
he has companions none.
For his own,
he must continue,
all alone,
on his own.
Until he gets to meet the DIVINE,
he is all alone,
he is on his own.


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