Monday, December 18


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kisses.gifI think you asked many times why and the reason is that compromise in a relationship. The main reason as children, when they exist. But it seems that love blindly and most often fall victim to compromise.There are many cases where these compromises have children as an excuse. Many women bear an abusive husband because of this.The second reason is the financial situation, considering that fail to bring enough income to live at home and alone.The third reason is blind love, which dictates that if I compromise to close our eyes to the abuses of the other and forced them not to call it quits, which most often happens. And there’s only one reason for that: you bored awful a person has no other words than vocable YES DARLING! OK DARLING! YOU always right! “I an tired of me I’m right. My grandmother is 82 years old and always told me when to get married while still arguing with the man next to me. Argument generally comes from a discussion in contradiction, of course it does not matter as long as the theme argument is fierce. Always after a fierce fight comes a sweet reconciliation.and I will say it’s a shame to miss …. reconciliation! Someone once told me that  one girl had a neck which is hanging every day. Rejecting it slowly rose in disgust.
She was desperate to conquer, but her method of compromise was a resounding failure. When he said that if they were together, he will not cheat because he loves her, she replied that nothing, as long as they return to it. At that moment she lost him.Think! Would you like to live near a plant or near a true partner. Love sometimes means strife.


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