Tuesday, December 12

Naruto And Nine Taile

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I hope you all already voted for your favorite team. Let me remind you again, the world is going to be stroked once again by the ninja war. But this time they aren’t fighting with in them. They are finding an evil aura name Madara and his sub- ordinates. He was the man who once controlled the furious beast nine tail fox and tamed him to attack on the leaf village Konaha. But he lost it in the furious battle with the fourth Hokage, Naruto’s father. After that his father sealed half of the fox’s chakra into Naruto’s body and sealed other half of the nine tailed chakra using some jutsu. In recent Manga episodes Naruto is trained to control the beast chakra and tried to use as its own without accepting the hatred inside the fox.

If you have somewhat knowledge about Naruto then you should probably know that he started using the fox chakra way before as he was taught by Pervy sage or the toad sage. He taught him how to use the tailed beast chakra. Though there was a bit difference, using tail beast chakra that time and using it now. When he used the chakra of beast, he was also using the hatred of fox because of that Naruto started transforming into a wild beast or you can say started acquiring the fox cloak this happened because the seal started losing its strength. Now this time it was a bit different rather than using the fox chakra he had stolen his chakra from him without accepting his hatred and making the beast chakra his own chakra. If you haven’t read the Manga yet then I should tell you that he was successful in stealing the chakra from the fox with a little bit of help? Now he is training himself with the eight tailed beast bee-san as he is the only one left who knows how to use tail beast chakra effectively.

He is also learning the killer move of a tailed beast. Do you remember the fight of Naruto with Orichimaru in Naruto Shippuden? If not then you should because in that fight Naruto transformed into a tailed beast acquiring four tails and started havoc in the ground. While fighting with the Orichimaru he used the tail beast’s killer move. The four tail fox fired a concentrated black ball from his mouth that can even annihilate Orichimaru in one blow if he had not used his 3 shields. Naruto can’t use that move as he is not able to transform fully into the fox as bee-san can transform himself into an octopus. So he was learning his ultimate move Rasegan which is specially design by his father copying after seeing the killer move of a beast. 

As it seems, this technique was especially pass down by his father for him, knowing that probably this will eventually going to happen. Well Naruto know how to use Rasegan with his shadow clones but the problem is while using fox chakra he can’t create shadow clones because if he do so, he will end up dead. When he is using the fox chakra, the fox is sucking up Naruto original chakra, so if he runs out of his own chakra he will end up dead and in case of shadow clones the more the clones the more easily he will run out of it. So he was training again the black Rasegan using the fox illusion hands.

Mean while Sasuke is implanted with Itachi eyes making his sharigan permanent. Now the battle is going to be furious. Eyes which can see everything even pass through your soul, powerful enough to call the fire from the hell.

But I love to remind you that a bit of time before Itachi death; Itachi came to see Naruto and gave him some power. What is it? Did he give him a part of his own chakra or something else?

Whatever it is the world war IV is going to turn the event around the ninja villages and the world.


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