Wednesday, December 13

Are You Using The Best Web Browser?

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There are some basic criterions on which usefulness of the browser can be decided.

1 speed – according to most people this is the most important feature. People who surf internet prefer browser with high speed. According to this criterion opera, safari and chrome come first as Mozilla is just slightly behind but not much. Internet explorer is slowest of them.

2 user friendly interface – browsers are now providing many user friendly features which enhance the browsers utility. Mozilla Firefox is the clear leaders in this field with it add ons. Opera and Google chrome come next.

3 security features – according to this criterion Mozilla and internet explorer just get ahead of other browsers.

Conclusion- going through all the characteristics the browsers can be ranked in following way.

1 Mozilla Firefox – a complete browser when all features combined. It Provides facility of in private browsing. Also tabbed browsing feature is also present.

2 Google chrome – a fast browser from Google. It has very easy to use interface and it has already become favorite of many people. 

3 internet explorer – even though it lacks in certain features but still there are some WebPages which are compatible only with internet explorer. Its security features are also quite good.

4 opera and safari – opera is a good browser and according to some people it is fastest of all browsers. Its features can be enhanced with the help of widgets and its turbo feature increases the browsing speed to maximum. Safari is very similar to Google chrome and preferred by some people for its speed.

 Normal Internet users can install any 2 of the top 3 browsers but Mozilla and Internet explorer is the best combination. For people who surf more and crave for speed they can try opera or chrome for speed along with Mozilla and Internet explorer.

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