Monday, December 11

Lic of India

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LIC of India is one of the best biggest and one of the most trusted Life Insurance Company of India. LIC of India is a symbol of trust and faith and even the poorest of the people try and open up an account with LIC of India. LIC of India basically focuses on the backward society of the country and has insurance policies which give people from the lower grade a decent return and peace of mind.

In recent times many private sectors have entered the insurance market and LIC of India is facing steep competition from them but still LIC of India is the number one insurance company and is the only life insurance company trusted by people from the grass root level.  Though the number one life insurance company, LIC of India is a government enterprise and you know how government enterprises are run.

Until recently it was very hectic for payment of premiums for LIC of India, it was just impossible to stand in long queues for payment of insurance premium but now with the introduction of e payments it has become easier. LIC of India policy can be traced online and with helpline all over the country we can keep our self informed on the upcoming products, clear our doubts and take any kind of policy related help via LIC of India helpline.

LIC of India policies are generally sold by insurance agents on commission basis, for becoming a LIC of India insurance agent you will require to sit for and exam and pass it, after which you become LIC of India agent for life and can sell any products by LIC of India. LIC of India pays lucrative commission and it can be a good part time income along with your regular job.


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