Monday, December 11

Elizabeth Edwards Died Today From Breast Cancer At The Age of 61

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Elizabeth Edwards died today from breast cancer at the age of 61. After a six year fight with breast cancer, Elizabeth Edwards succumbs to the disease. Breast cancer is a dangerous disease for women. It has taken too many lives. Elizabeth Edwards is only one of many women to lose their fight against breast cancer. Breast cancer is a horrible disease that too often has a horrendous outcome.

Elizabeth Edwards is the wife of former Senator John Edwards. She was a terrific lawyer and author. Elizabeth Edwards found out she had cancer and was devastated when she also found out her husband John Edwards was cheating on her. John Edwards not only cheated on his wife, he fathers a child with his mistress. Elizabeth Edwards vomited when she found out about the affair. She also lost her son to a car accident when he was sixteen. The loss of her son was much more painful than her cheating husband. Elizabeth Edwards knew all about pain and loss, her life was full of it.

Elizabeth Edwards lived her last few years with grace and humor during a time of turmoil and grief. She will be remembered for her strength, her talents and her peacefulness during her last days. Elizabeth Edwards fought breast cancer for six long years. She fought hard, but today the disease won.

Many women deal with the horrors of breast cancer. It is a devastating disease that takes away loved ones without prejudice. Breast cancer will affect each and every one of us sometime in our lifetimes. Today it affected the Edwards family with the death of Elizabeth Edwards. Elizabeth Edwards rest in peace. God bless you and the family you left behind.


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