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Major Areas to Visit And Travel in And Around New York

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New York(NYC) is a huge city , inhabited by millions of people in an area of tens of kilometers.

For the tourist it is essential to know the main areas and neighborhoods of interest . In this section we talk about the great boroughs and neighborhoods of the city.

New York consists of five districts , called boroughs : Manhattan , the Bronx , Queens , Brooklyn and Staten Island . Manhattan and Staten Island are each a single island, while the Queens and Brooklyn are both from Long Island. The Bronx is the only district that is located on land.

Manhattan is undoubtedly the star neighborhood of the city, he concentrated all the attractions of New York. Is its cultural heart, trade and tourism. The island, which is very easy to walk due to his organization of streets and avenues that intersect perpendicularly, is divided into three parts: high, low and medium Manhattan. It measures 22.5 km long and 3km at its most wide. To the north of the island is Central Park with a gigantic (8 km long and 1 wide), along with the Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into East and West. Most notable are undoubtedly its hugeskyscrapers that give the world’s most famous skyline.

Queens district is room for excellence, mostly composed of rows of houses. Home airports LaGuardia and JFK and is the largest of the five that make up the city. As the most notable attractions is the American Museum of the Moving Image.

Brooklyn , best symbolized by the bridge of the same name that joins the island of Manhattan and offers breathtaking views of the city, is the most populous of all and in it there is a great ethnic diversity , neighborhoods can find Arabs, Jews or Latino. It contains the New York Aquarium, a major amusement park and the beaches of Coney Island to New Yorkers tend to go to enjoy the sunny days.

The Bronx is the Latin Quarter , a predominantly Puerto Rican and that most notorious is, as it relates to all crimes, drug problems and poverty. But this does not happen in all areas of the Bronx. The most troubling is the South, the more down to Manhattan, while the rest of the district can find quiet residential areas. As attractions include the Zoo and Botanical Garden New York, also houses the stadium for the New York Yankees.

Staten Island is the least populated districts. To access it there is a free ferry from which you can have another view of the Statue of Liberty.   In this district there is a giant landfill that have gone to the remains of the Twin Towers.


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