Friday, December 15

From Senayan With Greed And Selfishness

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The Assembly Building located in Senayan is a place where the Indonesian Parliament members work as representatives of their constituents. Becoming parliament members is a noble job because they are supposed to listen to their constituents’ aspirations and willingness and then convey them to the government.  They have to get close to their voters to know what they really want or need. However, this is not the case of what is happening here in Indonesia. Let me show you some embarrassing facts about Indonesian Parliament members.

First is corruption case. After a long investigation by KPK, some Parliament Members here have become the suspects for corruption.  They were suspected to receive some travellers’ cheques from one of the candidate of Governor of Bank of Indonesia. Many of these parliament members denied that they received the cheques. However, their denial doesn’t stop the legal process of the case. As a result, some of them now have become the suspects and will face the trial soon. This is just one example of how greed has taken over their minds and made them forget their noble job. Of course, there are some other corruption cases and the list can be so long that I cannot write here one by one.

Next, Indonesia has been hit by a series of natural disasters lately such as tsunami in Mentawai and volcano eruption in Central Java. Many people have become the victims of these disasters and needed help from their fellow countrymen. Instead of visiting and accompanying the victims of the disasters, some of the Parliament Members went to other countries in the name of “comparative study” or I should call it a “recreation”. In this case,  it’s obvious that they have lost their sense of crisis and turned a deaf ear to some criticisms asking them not to leave. Selfishness has blinded them from the deep sorrow faced by victims of disasters.

Realizing those facts about Indonesian Parliament Members, I can conclude that greed and selfishness have  got better of them. They think that what they have such as big salary and  a lot of facilities are not enough and they also don’t care about the people that they represent. Those facts have shown the bad face of Indonesian Parliament Members.


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