Tuesday, December 12

Iphone is The Life Pwned

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When iphones originally came out they were the best of its kind. Yes, we had blackberry’s ect. but when the iphone came out it change the way phones were used. Companies began to stretch the limits of what was called at that time a “cellular phone”. The iphone then became our digital camera with fantastic graphics better than some cameras at the time. Then they moved to making it a computer and more. The iphone is able to get internet connection anywhere. Sure, you might need to jailbreak it for its fullest potential but even without a jailbreak it is the top of its class. Its competitors came out but no one could compare to the abities of the iphone 4. But how much is changing? Is it worth it? As we begin to understand technology we descover it can consume us. I love technology but it takes up our time. We used to go outside but now we watch tv. We have lost our creativity our sense of exploration and our imagination. We could get this all back but we would have to make an effort. This will only happen if we make an effort one step at a time.


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