Monday, December 11

Julia Roberts or How to Win a Million And a Half Smile

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Julia Roberts has become a million and half dollars (1.2 billion euros) to make an announcement of Italian coffee. Although we are accustomed to seeing ‘celebrities’ in Hollywood charge astronomical figures, the amount is not surprising.

What the rest of us would cost a working life, Julia is very simple. All you had to do to pocket a million and a half is to smile and wink at the camera.

In the ad, which lasts only 45 seconds, Julia did not say a word. It just comes disguised as a Botticelli’s Venus is reluctant to smile. A sip of coffee in question and displays the Julia Roberts movie. The smiling and illuminates the screen. In the final shot, the ad ends with a wink to the camera. Needless to say, is spectacular. As if there had been 20 years since she played Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman. With what kind this woman gets older!

I have to admit that at first I was shocked a little amount of money charged. But on reflection, there is only one Julia Roberts. If the trademark has paid it because it’s worth it and it is soon exploited the cash outlay.

With this kind of ads do not think Julia Roberts is very concerned that Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz have ousted him as the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

Roberts, who is currently filming a movie with Tom Hanks, has shown that not only has a nose for the movies, but also good business. And is not unique. Coffee brands are obsessed with movie stars. George Clooney also significantly augmented through your checking account to another brand of coffee.

What do you think the ad? Julia Has won seven-figure check? Is it crazy that you can charge so much for doing so little?


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