Thursday, December 14

Cell Phone Etiquette: Make Sure You Are Not Disturbing The People Around You

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Where Are Your Manners

Most cell phone carriers, have become so attached to this piece of technology, that they feel lost if they forget to bring it with them, the battery is dying, or they lose it. Many of feel like our day just isn’t quite the same if we are unable to send or receive that text, answer that call that isn’t as important as we make it out to be and with most of the phones being so advanced we can send email or chat on messenger services.

Although the level of convenience is amazing with a cell phone, often times we are ignoring the people that are trying to converse with us in person, or causing a disruption at the wrong times, by answering a loud ringing phone, talking loudly and about inappropriate or personal matters in public, texting and emailing while the person or people we may be with are looking on and feeling somewhat awkward or neglected.

A Few Cell Phone No No’s

While there are many things you should avoid doing when talking about cell phone etiquette, the most important thing I urge you NOT to do is TEXT WHILE DRIVING this is something that can cause harm to yourself and others, when you are preoccupied by reading a text or sending one while you are behind the wheel. Many fatal accidents have been caused by this, you don’t want to be responsible for injuring or causing death to someone or yourself while doing this. Bottom line is whatever the message is or how urgent you may think it is, your safety is most important and as a driver you have a responsibility to maintain.

The following are a few other tips to using your cell phone:

* Please do not have your ringer on the loudest ring when you are at work, school, church, movie theatre or any other public place, where this can be disturbing to others. Your best bet is to keep your ringer on silent, or vibrate to ensure that when your phone rings you are the only one that knows it.

*Lower your voice in public places, if you feel it is necessary to take the call

*Do not talk about very personal matters while in public, it is not important for everyone to know what is going on in your life, and most people do not want to hear how bad that blind date went, or how bad your day was; when they are trying to enjoy dinner with their family, or shopping in the mall.

*Don’t sit your phone on the table at dinner time rather you are home eating with the family or out with friends to dinner.

*Don’t answer your phone, unless it is absolutely necessary while you are in the middle of a conversation with someone standing in front of you. This makes people feel very uncomfortable and often unimportant to you. if it is absolutely necessary, excuse yourself from the person you are with and make the phone conversation as brief as possible.

We Didn’t Always Have The Convenience

Yes, it is true cell phones have become a way of life and are here to stay! This is a wonderful thing, especially if you don’t abuse their purpose. Keep in mind when you forget your phone at home, or are unable to answer the call immediately, or whatever the situation may be. The truth of the matter is We didn’t always have this technology available

People will leave you a voice message, wait for you to return their call, text or email. There was a time, when if people didn’t catch you at home, they would have to wait for you to return their call whenever you got the message or if you didn’t have a voice messaging machine, whenever they were able to get in touch with you.

We used to have alot more patience when trying to communicate with people via telephone. Now we have been spoiled with technology and people feel it is necessary to risk their safety while driving, interrupt and disturb others, just to get to the phone.

Yes, i totally agree on how handy it is to have all of this convenience that can fit into your purse or pocket. I am guilty of feeling lost without my cell also, but just as we have to proper etiquette for many other things in our lives, we have to do the same for this.


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