Saturday, December 16

Andrea’s First Crush

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Andrea Clemenson was single and in her twenties. One of her past-times would be to reminisce about her memories at university where she had developed her first crush on one of the lecturers who specialised in Religious Education. His name was Hubert Valance and Andrea could not take her eyes off him everytime he entered the class room or when she saw him walking along the university corridors. In fact, he had the same effect on her everywhere. Now, several years later, his memory was still very much embedded in her mind. Over the passing of time, he had become her ideal man. Then one morning…

“I think it’s time I put my mind to rest. I can’t go on like this or I’ll go crazy! I’m going to see him; if he’s still there.” And so, she finished her cup of tea and caught the bus. The university was an hours journey from where she lived. Once there, she entered the university with a look of anticipation on her face. She felt her hands growing sweaty and her heart beat fast. Her lips dried up because she imagined her would suddenly appear from out of nowhere.

“Calm down, Andrea,” she said to herself, “you’re not that same student anymore. You’re a young woman who’s graduated and completed her studies.” Suddenly, she felt a hand across her shoulder and she screamed.

“Aaaaa!!” She placed her hand over her heart and turned. A young man faced her.

“Andrea Clemson, right? I’m sorry I startled you. Remember me? I’m Steve Trotter. You used to tease me in class and call me trotter the swotter. Lol! Well, fancy seeing you here. What made you come back here anyway?” That was one thing Andrea was definitely not going to tell anyone.

“I just wanted to catch up on old times. How are you, Steve?”

“I’m alright. I’m still studying Economics.” “Oh, I’d better dash, The class has begun. I’ll hope to see you later. Bye. Andrea. She smiled and waved as he ran off.

“Some things haven’t changed a bit.” As Andrea walked through the corridors, she saw many new faces and her heart began to sink. “I can’t even ask anyone.” And all of a sudden, she heard a familiar voice from a distance. A lecturer’s voice. He was talking to a student.

“You see, Brian, life is like a train journey. We are all passengers on the train, awaiting to get off at our stop. But where exactly is the train heading, hmm?”

“To one and the same destination, Professor Hubert Valance.” Replied Andrea in a meek voice and as he turned and faced her, she fainted in excitement.

A few hours later, Andrea regained consciousness to find the professor seated beside her. She had been placed in the sick room. “How are you feeling now, my dear child?” He asked in a gentle voice.

“I..I’m better now. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happens. But every time I see you, I get excited. A..are you real?” He smiled and stroked her left cheek. “I sincerely hope so, my child” The professor sensed that she had some strong feelings for him and after a moment’s thought, he found the solution. He stood up and strolled around the room

“Well, thank you for coming over to see me, Catherine Henson. I still remember you when I taught you as a student. Hah, even then you were so soft.” As the professor turned, Andrea had left in a huff. Her entire image of the professor was shattered. He couldn’t even identify her. And as she left, slamming the door, the professor smiled to himself and whispered,

“I’m sorry, Andrea Clemson; but it was the only way to bring you down to reality. I’m nothing special. I’m just a very normal man.” And with these words, he collected his notebooks and left for his next scheduled lecture.

The End.


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