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Beauty Tips That Won't Cost You A Thing

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Most often when we think of beauty, we think of the outward appearance. We visualize perfect hair, make up, and stylish clothes as things that make us beautiful. Of course when those things are in place we do feel good about ourselves.

Even if your new hair color, great new foundation you bought or that hot little dress you picked up for a night on the town make you feel on top of the world, We need not forget that when it comes down to it, it’s the INNER BEAUTY that shines through us that makes all the difference in the world.

It’s just not enough to look good on the outside if the way you feel about yourself, or conduct yourself doesn’t match the enhancements you are displaying.

Check out the following inner beauty tips that will have you feeling good and looking good.

Smile 🙂

Smile Don't Frown, you will feel better

Nothing cost less than smiling! When you smile you not only feel better about yourself, or the situations that are going on around you, but you appear to be friendly and approachable to others.

Smiling is not always easy to do if you are feeling down about something, however, even a smile that is forced out on your behalf helps to trigger happier thoughts and feelings within yourself.

It’s not necessary to show your teeth all day with a smile, but as often as you can give a nice smile rather it’s at yourself in the mirror, to someone walking down the street, someone on your job, school etc.

The warmness you display with your smile could be making someones day. So keep smiling and if you are not, start smiling. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO COULD BE FALLING IN LOVE WITH IT


A little laughter can go along way. Sometimes when we are not feeling the best for whatever the reason may be, we may not feel like laughing.

Let me tell you, if you give it a try you will start to feel better. You may think this sounds funny, but be on a mission to find things that make you laugh and smile, you will feel the stress in your life being lifted off you. After all when you are smiling, laughing and thinking happy positive thoughts, you don’t have time to worry

So rather, it’s laughing at yourself, watching a funny movie, siting around with friends and family talking, joking and laughing, or whatever it may be. JUST DO IT!

Laughing makes a merry heart so do it everyday

Do Something That Uplifts You

Having a Good Time With Friends Can be UPLIFTING

When you start to do things that enjoy doing, you truly do feel better about yourself. You are allowing yourself the time and energy to focus on what makes you happy. This is something that will be different for everyone, according to your likes and dislikes.

There is something for everyone to do, this could be spending time with your favorite people, going to the spa, movies, bike riding, reading a book by your favorite author. Anything that gives you that sense of joy and puts a smile on your face is what you should be doing. It’s all about making time for yourself and making as much fuss and priority to your wants and needs as you do for others.

Praise Report

The Praise Report

The need and desire to be encouraged and motivated doesn’t stop when we reach a certain age. We find it necessary to encourage and praise children and teenagers as they are growing, as a way of keeping them ambitious,motivated and on a positive road in life.

As we get older we still need a little praise to help us feel good about ourselves and the things we are doing. We cannot expect it or rely on others to lift our spirits and encourage us at all times.

If we can find it in ourselves, then when we do here it from someone else it’s just an enhancement of what we already know.

We have to think and speak out positive thought’s to ourselves on a daily basis. When you keep thinking it and hearing it, you will start believing it!

Don’t be shy to get in the mirror and tell yourself, you are PROUD OF YOU, or that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Have no shame in writing positive notes for yourself and leaving them around the house, posted on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, desk, basically anywhere that you frequent and will be sure to read it.

When you give yourself the support you need, you will start to feel good about yourself. If you keep the positive thoughts a float, you will not have room for any negativity. Negativity, make you feel miserable about yourself and about others. When your thinking is positive, your actions will start to match, and you will feel good and optimistic about life.

Let It Roll of Your Back

a little serenity

Don’t sweat the small stuff in life. Change the way you perceive a situation or even the people in your life, and you will notice those things will start to change. Sometimes we have to adapt to and cope with things in our lives. Life is full of ups and downs, but it’s all in how you handle the situations that arise, that will effect the manner in which your life starts to move.

The Serenity Prayer is a great example of this:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

What It All Comes Down To

What it all comes down is beauty is not only the way you look, it’s about how you feel, and how you feel about yourself as a person.

If you aren’t able to find something in life to smile about, laugh about, uplift yourself, encourage yourself about and take life and learn and grow from it. The outward enhancements you try to maintain or obtain are all in vain.

You could spend the money if you want to and most of us will, but remember to always let that inner beauty shine through.


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