Monday, December 11

Top 50 Sexiest Man And Kfc Secrets

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Glamour magazine published a list of 50 most sexiest men around the world.

Glamour magazine published the results of a survey of 50 sexiest men for the year 2010, Amazingly, Brad Pit and Johnny Depp were not appeared in list of top 5 men but this time a representative from Vampires won the game, you guess right that man is obviously Robert Pattinson from the movie Twilight

This is the top ten:

1st Robert Pattinson

2nd Taylor Lautner

3rd Ian Somerhalder

4th Xavier Samuel

5th Kellan Lutz

6th Johnny Depp

7th Justin Bieber

8th Gerard Butler

9th Hayden Christensen

10th Channing Tatum

Now that was the list of 10 sexiest men from the list of 50 man all around the world, what about the sexiest man of 2011?. I do believe that in 2011 the list above remain the same, only positions move up and down and it is also possible that  Justin Bieber may move on the first position.

Now let us move to secrets in KFC

What is it?

KFC secret recipe comes from the 30’s, when Harland Sanders served some chickens to the people who stopped at his gas station in Kentucky. His fried chicken has become very famous and quickly gets a huge hit. Harland Sanders has expanded his restaurant at the gas station and to other places and created a string. Although today at KFC you can get a lot of things, the basic ingredient is the case of chickens consisting of 11 different herbs and spices.

Who knows the recipe?

It is the same as Coca Cola. Only two senior managers have access to the recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

How to keep a secret?

The recipe is located at the headquarters of KFC.  If you’re Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, then it probably possible to steal.

The ceiling and floor are reinforced concrete and the rooms are motion detectors and, of course, always running cameras that are connected to the clock security service. Below they have armed guards around the clock, which are capable of being in the room with in thirty seconds. Inside, you need two people with two keys and two PIN codes to get the recipe. 

Maybe you could finally realize at KFC, it’s just chicken and people eat it because they liked best in the world, but do not want to do it at home or do not have time. 


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