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Wonderful Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas!

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From all the beach party ideas, the Hawaiian Luau party is probably the most famous and popular of all. When you think of such an event you certainly imagine great waves crashing against white sunny beaches, coconut trees and Hula dancers. This decorum is not difficult to recreate thanks to the many tips and suggestions available. There are many websites abounding in Luau party ideas that you can put into practice with moderate costs.

A Luau party is actually a feast with lots of great food and a tropical atmosphere. Your menu should include vegetables, exotic fruits, poi, salmon and pork. Choose music well, playing different tunes depending on the moment: while food is served let nature charm you with its music, or play something relaxing in the background. Exotic beverages make the soul of such parties, and you can find plenty of Luau party ideas to help you create delicious drinks. Keep in mind that such organizational details make everybody happy.

Most Luau party ideas focus on the setting. It can be a patio, a lush green lawn or the area around the pool. Make sure there are no mosquitoes to trouble your guests, keep the ambient lights good and the seating relaxed. It is imperative that you see to all such details in advance so that you may rent tables and seats if necessary, not to mention the need to contract a disinfecting service to kill the mosquitoes in the garden vegetation. Carefully pay attention to all such things and always use the checklist!

Don’t forget about leis. Use strings to put flowers and petals together in traditional Hawaiian leis. Welcome your guests with flowers, and they will feel special and will rapidly enter the party atmosphere. Leis can be purchased from the florist on special order or they can be made at home with the help of a Luau kit. If you plan way ahead, you can buy one of those on the Internet. This diversity and the beauty of the decorations make Luau party ideas suitable not only for informal birthday parties but also for graduation parties, wedding receptions and so much more.

If you don’t have access to a beach, you really need to recreate the background and make it resemble tropics as much as possible. You can run a bit of research on the Internet and find out which tropical flowers and foliage are available and what you can improvise with your current landscape. The planning part that precedes the party should also keep you entertained!

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