Friday, December 15

How to Choose Makeup For a Winter Wedding

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In winter, the weather outside is often frightful…so your makeup certainly should not be.  This is especially true for winter formal occasions such as weddings.  The problem, however, is that winter is a difficult season for choosing makeup colors.  This is because the colors we normally associate with winter such as silver, white, blue, and violet,  are all cool colors and cool colors only work well on women with cool skin tones.  Since most of us have warm skin tones, the real challenge is color selection.

When choosing winter makeup colors, it is a good idea to stick with a warm color palette that contains slight cool undertones, rather than a completely cool color like blue or silver.  Many “wine” colors work well for winter weddings.  These are lip and eye colors that can be described as merlot, burgundy, sherry, or chianti.  These colors are classy, elegant, and sophisticated, and can be used to complement a warm complexion as well as a cool complexion.

Pinks are also another versatile color for winter formal occasions, especially when it comes to eyeshadow.  A pink shadow works well with virtually any eye color, and is harmonious with any color of mascara or eyeliner.  A dark pink shadow can be highlighted on the ridge of the brow with a soft pink.  A shimmery white also makes a great highlight color for pink eyeshadow.  

Proper winter makeup should also emphasize proper shades for foundation, concealer, and powder.  Ideally, the goal is to have some color, but not so light as to make the face look ghostly and pale, and not so dark as to make it look as though you just got back from a three month vacation in Cancun.  Put away the bronzer, and stick with medium neutral shades for powder and foundation.  A very slight dusting of a shimmer powder is also a good idea for winter occasions.

Neutral tones are also very versatile for winter weddings, since they won’t clash or detract from the dress, flowers, and other decorations.  While neutral tones aren’t very exciting or dramatic, their best quality is that they are inoffensive, and can be used successfully no matter what color palette you choose for your wedding.

The key to successful winter wedding makeup is to combine just enough seasonal elements and tones without going overboard, and without utilizing too many cool tones.  As long as you are able to keep the blue eyeshadow and bronzer to a minimum, it should not be too difficult to accomplish.


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