Saturday, December 16

What we Should Expect in Ipad 2

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The iPad, Apple’s ‘tablet computer’, is arriving it’s first birthday, and most of the Apple fan-boys probably guessed it, the iPad 2. The iPad – because of the way it was marketed and branded – changed the future of tablet computing forever, when people think of a tablet computer – they think iPad. 

The iPad runs a mobile operating system that has been optimized for a larger screen, this is why it is being ridiculed (aside from all the childish humor associated with the name), it cannot play flash, and solely relies on the official applications of certain sites that require flash to view the full sites, and HTML5, and jQuery, which is not fully supported by the device.

Now, what to expect in version two of the iPad, is the usual Apple upgrades. The iPad will lose some weight, and become thinner, I am quite sure of that. I’m certain, the iPad 2 will have a camera built in to it, like on the iPod touch 4, and iPhone 4. It is quite obvious that the device is getting a camera, all other devices have them, even the Mac has FaceTime! I think it’s a fair statement to say that I am certain that it will have 1-2 cameras built in. 

Now for some things I’m not too sure about, but they are still plausible suggestions. I think Apple will speed up the processor, so they can compete with BlackBerry and the Galaxy Tab – a little over 1GHz would be good enough – I would think the Intel Atom 1.6GHz edition would be good for the iPad.

The retina display, I really don’t think it’s possible. No GPU, that has ever been made can handle so many pixels. The amount of pixels in an iPad with retina display, would be more than anything ever made. I think the only sensible thing that Apple could do with the iPad 2, is add more pixels, but not the full retina display. Although, Apple is full of surprises, so there is the minute possibility that Apple could release an Apple-made GPU that somehow beats all the GPUs on the market. Or Apple could partner with nVidia to create a new GPU for the iPad.

Some things that Apple will never do, is add flash, allow you to modify the software, or let you use it as a WiFi tether. All this can only be done by ‘jailbreaking’ the device, which is now legal – but frowned upon by Apple.

Well, there you have it. That’s what I think you should expect to see in Apple’s next generation iPad, the iPad 2, 2011.


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