Friday, December 15

A Good Mental Attitude Is Your Best Defense

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A Good Mental Attitude Is Your Best Defense
Did you ever get some good
advice? One bit of advice that I
keep coming back to is the
thought that I cannot always
control situations or other
people. The only thing I can
control is my own personal
reaction to bad situations.

Sometimes we do need help. But
many times we really can
influence our own moods by the
way we think about the negative
situations that caused a case of
the blues!

Have you ever seen people who
have just endured an awful
situation? If you turn on the
nightly news, stories about
people who have lost their homes
or been through an illness are
common. Some focus on what they
have lost, and this is easy to
understand. But other people
focus on what they did not lose,
and they start thinking about a
better future.

Imagine two families who lost
their homes in a sudden wind

One family is in tears because
they lost all of their
furniture, family pictures, or
other items that will be hard to
replace. Since they have lost
their homes they have to go live
at a community shelter or with
family. Their normal life seems
to have been destroyed within

A second family is crying with
joy because all of the people in
their family are unharmed and
safe. This family is just happy
that they have found shelter
right now. They are already
thinking about steps they can
take to get back on their feet.

I would not blame the first
family, and I would understand
that they are probably
experiencing a very normal
reaction to a trauma. But I
would say that the second family
is better off. They are thinking
about making progress in the
future. You see that the second
family is trying not to dwell on
the problems.

Hopefully, most of you will not
ever lose your homes in a sudden
storm. But I am sure that all of
us have experienced some
setbacks that seemed just awful
at the time. This could be a job
loss, social snub, illness, or
problems with family members. I
cannot imagine that anybody ever
gets through life without having
some bad things happen.

If you can try to focus on the
steps you will take to remedy
the situation, instead of how
awful the setback is, you will
do yourself a favor. You will be
working toward a better
tomorrow. And you will not
suffer as much pain today.

You can try to control your own
response to help you get through
a variety tough situations. Have
you gained too much weight, lost
your job, or had problems with
your spouse or partner? You will
make a lot more progress is you
can work out a plan to fix some
of the problems. You can find
some positive steps to take, but
sometimes, you will find they
are not easy.

Do not be afraid to seek help
when you need it. A friend,
clergy member, ormental health
may have answers
that you seek.

I have heard the cliche that
attitude is everything. I do not
believe that apositive attitude
can cure everything but without
a good mental outlook, it can be
hard to survive the most minor


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