Thursday, December 14

Business Intelligence:

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The chart shows the percentage of students in different age group take up studies, for two different reasons; career and interest. Second chart gives the statistics of students in different age group who get employers support in time off and fees. It can be clearly seen that the percentage of students who involved in studies to achive a career decreases as their age increases.
In the last three years the Business Intelligence had undergone lot of considerable changes, so most of the top BI Vendors have broadened and integrated their products to meet the market requirements. The positive outcome for the customers is they get better products to match it across their organization. The negative outcome for them is they have no clear picture about the vendors and the difference between them. Customers have to create a plan for selection and standardization to make their assumption about the existing product to meet their requirements perfectly. This may take a long time for the customers to figure out the differences and match it with their requirements.Based on the size of the organization and budgetary constraints, their goal is to determine what BI tools they exactly need to drill down and fetch the key performance data that will make their business more efficient and profitable. It’s recommended that they leverage their existing technology and find an easy to use BI solution which can integrate with Microsoft office suite. This is the basic requirement and sufficient for the organization to get the intelligence required to boost up their business. The following report includes set of criteria to choose best BI tool in the market based on the end user requirements. Further it explains each criterion by linking it with the range of users need with the solutions that scales across the organization.

SAGE ACCPAC (2008) Businesses need the ability to find and extract key information which can identify their strength and weakness and assist them to make better decision. They also require the information to be presented in a timely fashion and make easy for the people in the business to understand.


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