Monday, December 18

Carte Noire Instant Coffee, The Best Instant On The Market?

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Carte Noire is the leading premium coffee brand in France. The brand also is steadily building a super-premium position in other markets. And I love it!!

Have always been a big coffee drinker, in fact as I write this a sipping it contentedly! Have tried loads of instant coffees over the years and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The taste is very rich and strong, which is what I look for in a coffee, I can’t stand those weak tasteless coffee’s that just don’t deliver any taste. I won’t name any of them but if you are a big coffee drinker I’m sure you know what I mean.

This is the coffee I love to wake up to in the morning, can instantly tell if someone gives me a different brand which I think shows the quality of Carte Noire. It says on the jar ‘unlock and savour the sensual pleasure of pure Arabica coffee.’ And I think that really does sum up how you feel from the first sip to the last gulp!

Price, well its certainly not the cheapest. I bought mine from Tesco and it was £2.47 for a 100g jar, which, This is more than many other leading brands but its worth it! They also do a 200g jar which is probably better value.

It comes in a nice black jar and although this obviously does not improve the coffee, I do think it matters! The jar is easy to spot when you are in the supermarket and the packaging keeps the coffee fresh.

As I said this is really the best instant coffee on the market, even if you don’t really like instant, sometimes you have no choice, and I would say when that happens this is the coffee you should be drinking!!


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