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"i'm Number Four" – The Movie

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The producer of “Armageddon” and “Pearl Harbor Michael Bay, presents us with a new kind of action fiction with his latest production” I’m number four, whose first trailer is a fact.

Directed by the fantastic action is DJ Caruso (“Transformers,” “Distarbiya”) and cast in the names of distinguished-coming Hollywood star Alex Pettyfer, beautiful Diana Argon (“Heroes,” “Veronica Mars”), Timothy Olyphant (” Gone in 60 Seconds “), and we know from” The Wizard Apprentice “young actress Teresa Palmer.

Three are dead. He is number four – an extraordinary young man named John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), a fugitive, trying to evade ruthless pursuers sent to destroy him.

Changing your identity, he moved from town to town along with his guardian Henry (Timothy Olyphant).

John is always the new kid in town whose past remains in the shadows.

In a small town in Ohio, which is now his home, John experienced events that change his life – first love meeting (Diana Argon), opens up new abilities and a strong connection to other young people who share his amazing destiny.

The film is based on the popular novel by author James Frey and spending Hughes, writing under the common nickname Pitakas Lohr.

The book, which will be the Bulgarian market by publishing Colibri reveals tense situations, unexpected twists, adventure and romance – all ingredients are interwoven to obtain a true story that will conquer us and in cinemas.

Publishers reveal little of the plot of the novel – number four is one of nine loriantsi leaving the planet with their guardian, to escape the attack of the enemy planet Mogador.

They are the only survivors and they are scattered around the Earth, none of them without knowing the identity and whereabouts of the rest – a precaution against soldiers from Mogador, who will stop at nothing until they destroy them.

Weather pushes pursuers because each loriantsite develop supernatural gifts that will be decisive in the battle with the evil which is not considered to be limited to the destruction of Lorient.

The next step is the land where nobody is safe. The book goes into Bulgarian of January 31, 2011, a Bulgarian and world premiere of “I’m number four is on February 18, 2011

Until more interesting information and news about the title, you can read the official “Facebook” page of the film at


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