Sunday, December 17

Kidd's Mystery Man, Michaels/helms Feud Update, & Tiffany's Disease!

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– WWE developmental talent (FCW) Jackson Andrews (Steve Slocum) was the mystery man with Tyson Kidd on Monday Night RAW last night. Andrews has been on the road with WWE recently working house show events as recently as this past weekend. Jackson picked up a few victories over Goldust at recent RAW live events. While company officials are high on his size, he had not received good reviews for his in-ring work in developmental. Andrews was brought up to work non-televised matches so they could examine him as a potential candidate for the new season of NXT, but he was put on RAW instead.

– Former WWE Diva hopeful Taryn Terrell tweeted yesterday “So, most of you don’t know this but I have Bleb disease (lung disease) and 6 years ago had a bilateral wedge resection & pleurectomy. Unfortunately, my doctor is very concerned about the state of my lungs right now and am receiving my test results tomorrow so pray for good results! I need positive energy!” She added today, “More tests to be done! No clue when I’ll find out now grrrrrrrrr”

— Following up his recent comments on Shawn Michaels, Hurricane Helms tweeted, “I wonder if I backstab a bunch of people and hurt careers & family’s and slaughter animals for fun but then pray on stage, that make it ok? Just wondering? 🙂 But enough about that hypocrite, I’m home after a great but hard working tour and got to catch up on my DVR’s.”

Shawn Michaels responded to some of his Twitter followers about the incident when asked if he’d heard the original comments, “From u all I hav. Verbal attack? Wow pretty scary. Thoughts? Sticks&stones I guess?:-)”

–UPDATE– Here is an update on the feud between Helms and Michaels as of 12/07. Now it seems as if Helms is critizing HBK’s fans.

Hurricane Helms tweeted: “I think I might go murder some animals for fun and hang their heads on my wall cuz that’s what Jesus would do. Right @ShawnMichaels_ ?” Helms also called HBK fans “retards”.

Shawn Michaels tweeted: “Jus got bak. Wow u guys r fired up! Sorry u have 2 deal w/it. Don’t worry, I don’t. Comes w/the territory. have zero desire 2 do the internet stuff other than corresponding w/u. U can make ur own decisions & I will respect them. May I now return to having fun w/ u all please. Life is 2 short 4 me 2 go thru High school again:-) “

When someone asked him why isn’t he sticking up for himself, he tweeted: “Ur the ones that upset why do I hav 2 do sumthing.”


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