Sunday, December 17

Obama Could Lose Democratic Base Over Tax Cut Deal With Republicans

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No progress on the dream act, no repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, the unemployed might get another 13 months of benefits, and the richest Americans get two more years of tax cuts which is only going to drive the country farther into debt.

In return for his troubles, the President may have just sealed his re-election fate. A large number of people in the Democratic base are outraged. First off, many do not believe this President has shown enough fight when it comes to dealing with Republicans, and secondly they believe he could have gotten more out of the deal then he did.

The White House on the other hand believes it was the only viable option. If the Bush tax cuts were to expire as they are schedule to do on December 31. Taxes for all Americans would have gone up. Nancy Pelosi has criticized elements of the agreement, which includes extending the top tax rates and the estate tax.

Speaker Pelosi has said,

“Republicans have held the middle class hostage for provisions that benefit only the wealthiest 3 percent, do not create jobs, and add tens of billions of dollars to the deficit.”

Although she has stop short of urging the House to vote against the white houses deal with the Republicans, she is still having discussions with the administration.  

The White House although not happy with aspects of the deal feels it is a deal that needs to be done. President Obama says he felt he had to make the deal to break the stalemate over the tax cut issue and to avoid taxes being raised on everyone at the beginning of 2011.

Still some Democrats are angry believing this is a fight Obama could have won, and many are beginning to wonder if there is any issue that this President is willing to draw a line in the sand over.

One Democrat congressional representative Weiner said the President tends to punt on third down, while another Congressman said this President just does not seem to have the stomach for a fight.

I am sure the voters that voted for Obama would have loved to know these little tidbits before they cast their vote for him.

God knows no one wants another it’s my way or the high way cowboy like former President George Bush but at the same time no one wants a President that won’t fight back.

Politics is a contact sport and if this President does not start acting as if he has a pair, he is going to be out on his ear in 2 years.


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