Sunday, December 17

Stress And Aging

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Nowadays, anxiety and stress have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Even our ancestors and forefathers have experienced stress during their lifetimes. The stress in those days gave them the courage and strength to withstand and overcome their causes of stress. Their stress brought out the physical changes to their bodies and aided in their overcoming those problems. The hormones which were in action during our forefather’s and ancestor’s time are the ones that are functioning today in our bodies too. However, the stress of our ancestors was less frequent and the stress that affects us today is almost on a daily basis. Thus today’s stress leads to numerous life and ageing issues such as cancer, heart attacks, widespread accidents.

There are a number of chemicals that our body produces in response to signals of stress and anxiety. These chemicals flow all over the body in the blood stream and attack each and every system of our body. These chemicals simultaneously interact with hormones that trigger stress and push our systems to fight stress and once the anxiety and stress is over our body returns to normal. However, in case the anxiety and stress is not completely eliminated the stress chemicals will still continue to attack our systems of the body and result in the following:

• The body’s inability to repulse stress response systems will cause further depression and anxiety which in turn cause higher blood pressure and lower the sex drive which often fasten aging.

• Stress will also induce higher levels of triglycerides and LDL (lousy cholesterol) and reduce the amounts of HDL (healthy cholesterol) and an increased production of stress-related chemicals. These conditions will make you eat more and eventually will lead to aging symptoms such as obesity and diabetes.

• Stress and anxiety attack your immune systems thus reducing the ability to fight diseases and other infections

• A longer period of stress and anxiety reduces the secretion of growth hormones thereby decreasing your ability to fight aging and other related symptoms and diseases.

The effects of stress and anxiety affect your health by increasing the age of the arteries, damaging the immune system and making us susceptible to a variety of accidents and other mental health problems.

Stress and anxiety are major biological aging mechanisms and hence do not ignore them. The faster you learn to manage anxiety and stress in a healthier way the younger you will become.


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