Friday, December 15

Animal Owner Websites

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There are many websites out there for people who own pets. The intention of this article is to give you some places to go for advice and education about your cats or dogs.

Puppy-Dogs is a good site. It gives a lot of information about puppies and dogs in general from their health, travels, animal shelters, lists of dog breeds, breeders, and funny pictures. They also have other links they refer you to which are helpful. Visit their site at

A great comprehensive site is CyperPet. Cyberpet is a site that is good for both cat and dog owners. There are lists of dog breeds and cat breeds, articles on both cats and dogs, and pet chat. They also have a section about products for both dogs and cats. Visit this resource at

VPI Pet Insurance is a must for any dog or cat owner. This insurance helps to pay for expenses you incurr as your pet ages and also for yearly veterinary check-ups and immunizations. It can be found at

Have you lost a pet? There is a site out there known as Petfinder. Petfinder works together with many shelters and other animal rescue organization all over the US. To log on to their site, go to

Pet Side is another great resource for any cat or dog owner. It has information on various health issues, and has a store of many types of pet products. There are many pet photos and education about the various breeds of both dogs and cats. There are also videos to watch on this one. Visit the site at

AVMA is a website that helps you to find the right veterinary in your area. They have information on animal health, animal welfare, information about microchips, and pet food safety. Visit this website at

Are you going away and need the best types of pet-sitting for your cats and dogs? The source petswelcome can help you there providing you with the best information reguarding kennels and lodgings for your dog or cat. The site is

Do you want to take your cat or dog with you to a motel? To find out which motels allow this, visit the website which is very comprehensive for your travel and pets at This is a very large resource and should help you to find places where you and your pets can lodge together.


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