Sunday, December 17

Ingredients For a Seductive Weekend

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Light Dinner


Bite Size Snacks





Pleasurable Items

Bubble Bath

Make this weekend an unforgettable one for your spouse.  Set the mood throughout the house for a long stay-at-home weekend.  Decorate the bedroom, bathroom and living room in settings of your choice. Seduce your spouse with very seductive conversation, touching, movements and role playing.  

Prepare a light dinner with dessert like chocolate covered strawberries and bite size snack food for an in between snack later.  Lighted candles in all the rooms, wine and some music would be a good way to start enticing your spouse and set the mood. Don’t forget the bath, fill the bath up with scented bubbles and sprinkle some rose petals for an intimate atmosphere.

Sexy lingerie that is playful and seductive will definitely turn up the heat.  Flirt with your spouse while in your babydoll or satin boxer lingerie outfit.  Seduce them with role-play wearing a sexy corset or an exotic play suit and a pleasure box that is filled with fun and simulating things that will be enjoyed by both of you.

Seduce your spouse often by leaving a note before work or a card expressing how much you love and appreciate them.  


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