Monday, December 18

Google Ceo Schmidt: Apple's Not Afraid of The Government Investigation Will Not Quit

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May 8 news, Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said on Thursday that Apple’s directors will not resign from office, and he predicted the U.S. Federal Trade Commission between Apple and Google can not find any errors. Schmidt, Google on Thursday in a pre-press conference, said the FTC investigation will not leave Apple board, and refuted the competition between Google and Apple say, because Google focused on search services. 

On Tuesday reported that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is investigating two companies Google and Apple board of directors whether the close relationship between the antitrust violations. Schmidt also served as Google and Apple post of directors of both companies. According to 1914, “Clayton Antitrust Law” (Clayton Antitrust Act) provides that: No man can serve both as a director of two competing companies, or they will undermine competition. Federal workers the two companies apparently believe that there is competition in the smart phone market relations. 2006, Schmidt joined Apple’s board of directors. In addition to Schmidt, Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson also former Apple and Google as the post of director.

Quite early, before the Internet rumors that Google will have 12 / 6, the next generation of Android system version was published, which is code-named Gingerbread’s Android 2.3; results confirm rumors do not leave, Google-branded handsets in the paragraph published in Nexus S , but also with the published Android 2.3, that is, Nexus S 2.3 will be the first equipped with the new system models, Android fans to be a good Christmas gift.


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