Thursday, December 14

The Side Effects of Alcohol in Pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, your baby grows inside you, so everything you have been eating and drink while you are pregnant, it may affect your baby, so if you drink any kinds of alcoholic beverages, it can hurt your baby growth.  There is more possibility on your baby may have physical as well as behavioral problems that may last for entire life.  Children born with serious problems, caused by Alcoholic beverages have fetal alcohol syndrome.  There are many side effects on children with fetal alcohol syndrome may be born in small size, have problems of eating and sleeping, have trouble to pay attention and learning in the school, etc., so they may need extra medical care in their entire lives.  However the pregnant women should not drink alcohol , because everything you drink, your baby also drinks.

Alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, liquor, wine coolers, mixed drinks, are hurt your baby, a glass of beer, or a glass of  wine, or a glass of mixed form any kinds of drinks may affect the baby health. May some peoples would have liked to drink alcohol while pregnancy, and have thought that their baby are fine, but this is not true, because every pregnancy is different , may alcohol drinking hurt one bay more than another, so you could have one child that is born in healthy, but at the same time, another child that is born with problems and serious condition of illness.

 The alcoholic drinks can create the problems to the baby on their entire life, people with serious problems may not able to take care of themselves as adults, so it would have leads to never been to work.  When you are planning for pregnancy, you must stop drinking now, you will feel better and your baby will have a good  chance to be born in good health.  As you have been known that alcohol can hurt a baby even when you are only 1 or 2 month of pregnancy.  So it is always better to stop drinking while you are pregnant and can enjoy  normal delivery with healthy child.


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