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Parenting Tips For You

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Bringing up a child and inculcating   right values in your children is very hard   ,as today’s kids are very different from the kids of yesterdays. Parents should keep in the mind few things while rearing them. There are some important parenting tips for all   parents. You must read it.

  • Always   inculcate right values in your children, always teach them to behave politely with others, always respect their elders, and love their younger ones  . For that, you will have to be their role models you should be polite to everyone you meet ,respect your all family members,relatives(even not so close) ,friends ,neighbours, even servants,etc. Because you   are the first one your children will learn from. Follow this parenting tip surely.That way, they will learn nice manners from you,firstly.

  • Never compare your children with that of others, it can have bad ramification on their growth   of personality. Never expect your children of perfection; you should understand every child has some inherent distinctions. Never demoralize them saying, your friend has got   better marks than you, you are not as good as he is.If you do it,your children will start hating themselves,their self confidence will sap..Shirk from that habit. This is very important parenting tip.

  • If you have any problem with your spouse   , never quarrel in from of your offspring, it has detrimental effect on their tender mind. If you had   a quarrel, then patch up in front of them. They will feel better. Follow this parenting tip.

  • Never backbite about someone in front of your children, if you do it, what will they learn? This is parenting tip no 4.

  • When your children has grown up to be adolescents, always be friend to them ,share the days of youth with them, this will enable them to share everything they do. Follow this parenting tip.

  • Always wash your hands before eating, do cleaning of your house   daily, keep a hanky with your self, your children will learn themselves. Taking care of your hygiene is also a parenting tip.

  • Never let them feel that you are rich, some one is poor. If you are teaching your children petty things, they will do this with you in return. This parenting tip is for everyone.

  • If you are a mother of a   grown up girl , then you should keep a tab on her activities, like   come back to house till 8 pm, how to protect her modesty. Be friendly with her, rather than  being very strict,then she will also bare her heart to you. This parenting tip is very important for the mother of every girl.

  • It is necessary to be strict when any situation demands when your children are stubborn, hell bent on something wrong. Scold your child to rub them home lesson .This parenting tip is very important.

  • Never let hem watch too much TV, if they are watching ,always be cognizant of what they are watching(6 to 12 years).  You must follow this parenting tip ,as children watch too much TV, nowadays. Enlighten them about harmful effects on eyes  of watching TV.

  • Never be intimate with your spouse in front of your child even if they are only   2 years old. Follow this parenting tip.

  • Always instill in them the value of discipline, you are parents, it does not mean, they will not follow any rule. Set a time table like when to get up, where to brush, where to eat, it should be instilled   in them since they are small kids.  Ask them to set their beds,wash their cloths,make tea ,boil  milk,peel vegetables(after 10 years) apart from reading only.Follow this parenting tip to make them self reliant.

  • Always, it is seen that a feeling of jealousy seeps into the relationship of sibling. You need to take care of it. It is always seen that if a second baby comes   , first baby becomes secondary, that way, he or she feels irritated that no one loves me, a feeling of inferiority seep into him or her, you should make your first baby understand  when you are pregnant  your sister or brother is coming as a friend. Whenever you are free from second baby, give your first baby a special time for teaching, playing,listening to whatever they say  ,etc . He will feel special.  Follow this parenting tip, you will see the difference.

  • Try to instill a feeling of love in the heart of your first baby   for the second one. Ask him to bring milk, pant or nappy for the   new one. Your older baby will like it very much.Your first baby will be  exuberant to help you that way as you are giving time to him.

  • If your child has done anything wrong, do not scold your child in front of others; scold them when he is alone. If you scold your child in front of his friends, he will feel humiliated; he or she will develop odium for you. Follow this parenting tip for sure when your children are growing up to be teenagers.

  • Make your children feel that that whatever you are doing ,will be beneficial for you in the long run. Pamper your child ,  if you have scolded so much. This is very important parenting tip.It will make them realize that you love  them,but scold them for their betterment.

  • Never use any abusing language when taking to them, they will return it back to you.

  • Never try to live out your own dream through them. Let them   decide their career. This parenting tip is important as many parents force their children to  do what their parents wanted  to do, but could not do.

  • Always take your children for get-together with your friends and family   , they will get more social, as today people normally live in nuclear family   , children get insulated from the society. Follow this tip for getting sociable children.They will learn social values like love,compassion,sharing,cheering,etc.It can not happen when your children are cooped up in a house with parents.

  • Do not leave your children alone with domestic helps,they can take advantage of it.Sexual abuse of children by  servants are so common.Beware of that.Do not trust your servants too much.

  • Never give priority to your career  ( for women), neglecting your children   ,if you do not need  money for earning a living. Your children are your first job and duty.  For more information,click on these links below:





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