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Online Writing Tips : Seven Blows That Will Help Your Writing Punch Above Its Weight

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Whatever, the reason that made you fold your sleeves and pick up pen and paper and start leaving your trail Online, it goes without saying that the over-ridding theme that punctuated all those Blogs you have read in an attempt to gain more knowledge on how to make your article hit the first page on the google search query, has been patience.

” Don’t quit your day job yet ! ” or something along those lines may have been the disclaimer. Some of these pessimists make it seem like writing Online is akin to building a Microsoft or designing the Internet Writing is an art like any other, talent is a huge part, practice is even a huger factor. Constant renewal, learning, seriousness and persistence are equally important tenets of successful Online writing. So if you were are reading this article in search of a way of circumventing the hard work, you are free to stop and leave; but you will only have yourself to blame.

The following seven steps are designed to make your writing have the characteristics of an amateur while in reality that is just your first post. Likewise, amateur writing come across like professional writing, professional writing come across like the writing of a guru. These are steps that if religiously practiced and followed, should guide your way up the pecking order of Online writing.

First Blow: Online Writing Tip 1 – Know Your Goal

It does not matter what your writing goal is, just have a place where you are leading your readers. Are you writing to stir controversy as some form of Online marketing gimmick? Is it inform? Is it to get that article to the top of Digg? Is the aim of writing to sow the first seeds of a particular niche that you intend to lord over? Are you writing to hog adsense revenue?

Even for newbies, you do not really need to have a guru’s understanding of traffic dynamics. It is a simple AIM and shoot. AIM and shoot. AIM and shoot. AIM and shoot. Experiment if you will; this I tell you is the freedom of Online writing. Soon, you will be able to know when, what and how to write on to maximize your Online writing endeavours.

Second Blow: Online Writing Tip #2 – Authenticate Your Writing With Research

Research for Online writing does not need to take three days, that is unless you are treading in waters that you are unfamiliar on. Either way, if it does, make it worthwhile and build your expertise on it. That next big idea may come from a friend’s status update on facebook, a simple google search may all you need. Research is an important step in Online writing as it:

  • Shows that you actually worked. That your writing is not some negligent half hearted attempt. The Online market appreciates this considering the skepticism and prejudices that people naturally wear when Online. As you, your readers and I already know, the maxim ” Do not believe everything you read ” is true(est) Online.

  • Brings out your passion. Research will challenge you to go deep and stir that creative spring in you. Creativity is the key to uniqueness. Uniqueness is the holy grail in Online writing. Enough said.

Third Blow : Online Writing Tip #3- Ruffle up the Feathers

That is why it is a called a blog. It is opinionated, it is a perspective, it is shaped by your experiences, it is in touch with your environment.  Do not simply regurgitate content you have read elsewhere. Do not simply report. Even in conventional journalism/ writing it is said the first thing budding scribes are taught is: News is when man bites a dog not the other way round.

Online readership is in search of an experience, they are travellers, adventurers you might label them. Why in the name that all is holy do you think such words like- searching, web surfing, googling etc are used to describe what is otherwise a simple flip of the page to the next written item?

Fourth Blow: Online Writing Tip #4- Write It Out First To Suit Your Readers, Then Do The Search Engine Optimization Later

We see you when you pack your article with keywords just to climb up the search engine bean stalk. The piece is often disjointed, without focus or flow. Simply put, I am human and I read. I am not some robot indexing a page. If you want me to bookmark your articles, subscribe to your Blogs RSS feeds or enlist on your e-mail subscription list, Then you have to treat me as a human being first and not some google, Yahoo or any other search engine robot. Okay?

Fifth Blow: Online Writing Tip #5- The power of a Killer Title

Your title may be the only bit of your writing that is sure to be read by interested readers. Online, the next article is only a few clicks away, therefore any chance that a writer gets to engage with his audience should be exploited to the fullest. Make your title as descriptive, tasty and inviting as possible. To help you with this task, it is worth checking out: Having Problems With your Article’s Titles? Top 100 Book Titles That will Inspire and Get The Juices and Readers Flowing.

Sixth Blow: Online Writing Tip #6- Proofreading and Spell-Checking Your Writing

Eliminate mistakes as much as is possible. Do not rely merely on spellcheckers, but read over your work severally to eliminate those school boy errors.

Seventh Blow: Writing Tip #7- Learn The Basics of search Engine Optimization

This is a diverse topic that many Online writers struggle with. The key is to read as many resources readily available on the Internet and practice them to enable you master them. It is important that you should not feel cowed by the task but rather seek to learn something everyday and applying it in your writing. I strongly dissuade outsourcing this aspect of Online writing up to until the point that you as a writer understand the basic principles.

Now that you are set, Happy Online publishing!

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