Tuesday, December 12

Not a Hair Out of Place!

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As I am a fairly regular visitor to the gym these days and I love a good swim it’s imperative to me that I protect my hair. This is mainly because I don’t want to end up washing it every single day and then having to dry and straighten it to achieve the look that I like. 

I purchased my silicone swimming cap from my gym for £4.00 and while it’s available cheaper online it was convenient for me at the time so I didn’t mind paying a little bit more. The swim cap that I have is a red/pink colour and this is designed to be a one size fits all product. 

I have noticed quite a few women in the gym wearing this same coloured swim cap so I’m guessing that it is quite popular with people and not just me (probably why they have such a big mark up from the £1.99 online price!). 

The cap itself is made of silicone and is quite thick. It can be rolled up small and will easily slide in to one of the side pockets of my rucksack that I use to transport all my gym equipment. The colour is quite inoffensive but I don’t really mind anywhere as I’m only going swimming so it’s not like I look particularly fashionable anyway with my hair covered up! 

The cap is a little stiff to pull over your head and it does graze my hair a little bit. I, personally, find it best to pin my hair back before I pull the cap over the top and then pull it right down to my ears to ensure that all hair is covered. I do find that there are usually a few stray wisps of hair that end up exposed and therefore got soaked when I am in the pool and subsequently these strands will go frizzy when I don’t bother to dry them. This isn’t too much of a problem though as these bits are usually at the base of my neck and they are covered by my hair when wearing it down so it’s not really noticeable to anyone but me. 

The cap works well, I can swim lengths for up to 30 minutes at a time and I haven’t found it to let me down yet. Also, I like to go underwater quite a bit and it’s been very good at staying close to my head and watertight. My hair is always nice and dry when I remove the cap and it just saves me so much time if I am visiting the gym quite regularly. I also find that I can glide through the water quite well when diving or doing turns and this is another plus point for me as it’s not restrictive in any way. The cap feels very comfortable when I am wearing it and I don’t feel like it’s cutting off the circulation at all. 

The cap is very easy to keep clean and I just wipe mine with a damp, soapy sponge from time to time to ensure that it’s clean and hygienic. I think that the price is very reasonable and while it takes me a few minutes to grapple my hair in place it’s well worth it for not having to dry and straighten my hair every single day. Overall I am very pleased with the quality of this product and it has not failed me yet, unlike some previous swim caps I have used!


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