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Children’s Charity – 15 Easy Ways To Help Increasing Children’s Charity Fundraising

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Have you ever thought of helping to increase fundraising for children’s charity? Whenever I think of children who live in extreme poverty, I see no flesh but only bones that are wrapped with a thin sheet of skin. There is no extra pound to show off.

Who wouldn’t want their children to live well if affordable? I sincerely write to appeal for your generosity in a collective effort to bring happiness to the unfortunate children. Food For The Poor has creatively provided you 15 easy ways to increase children’s charity fundraising for children in 17 Caribbean countries and Latin America.

#1           General Donation

Funds received through general donation go to children and families who need the most help at the moment and those in crisis. Contribution is used to provide immediate relief and supply of vital services.

#2           Monthly Giving Clubs

Commit yourself to Monthly Giving Clubs will ensure Food For The Poor receive regular contribution in children’s charity fundraising. You will need to set up an automatic monthly donation that allows you to decide where you want your funds to go.

#3           Gift Catalog

When you are getting a gift for your loved one, consider a gift given to children of the poor in the honor of your loved one. In this way, you can delight your loved one and a malnourished child simultaneously. You too will share the happiness.

#4           Current Appeals

There are different appeals in different locations, from school desks for children in Haiti to feeding programs in Jamaica. Your kind donation to help these children can be a one-time donation or a regular monthly donation.

#5           Champions For The Poor                             

If making a difference is your nature, Champions For The Poor will be a perfect option for you. Join now and take an active role in helping children to live a better tomorrow.

#6           Orphan Support (Angels of Hope)

We know children who have been orphaned or abandoned need to know that they are loved and cared for, but we can never understand how they really feel within. Let’s provide them a healthy and loving environment in terms of food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education.

#7           Planned Giving                                

Planned giving is a solution to reduce your taxes, increase your retirement income and address your family’s financial obligations. That’s why planned gifts are reciprocal gifts with returning benefits to help meeting spiritual and materials needs.

#8           Radio                   

Many of the radio stations in the United States participate in helping the poorest of the poor Food For The Poor serves. You can stretch your hands to these children by participating in your local radio station.

#9           Food                     

It is a pity truth that many children in the Caribbean countries and Latin America live their days with endless hunger. Can you feel the pain of a young who has no food to eat? Your contribution is definitely lifesaving.

#10         Housing                              

Can you imagine the life of living in a home that is made of a few sticks, mud and scraps of plastic or metal? That’s the life of many extreme poor. Your charity donation will be used to built a safe, basic home and restore the human dignity of the less fortunate.

#11         Water                  

We can live without food but not water. When you turn on your water tap, you can enjoy instantly sparkling clean and safe water. But in developing countries, water is often the cause of many serious illness and even death. Clean and safe water is limited. Donating clean, safe drinking water can prolong lifespan and reduce illness. 

#12         Medical Care                    

Medical care is needed everywhere in the world. In developing countries where poverty is a dominant element, basic medical equipment and supplies are in constant inadequacy. Life is often left unsaved, helplessly. Your contribution will be used to supply items from anti-diarrhea medicine to advanced medical equipment.

#13         Education                           

In developing countries, education is not free. Family has to bear the cost of education such as uniforms, books, school supplies and other necessities. Many children of the poor are forced to work to feed the family instead of schooling. The lack of education reinforces the vicious cycle of poverty. Contribute to education so that we can stop the agony of poverty.  

#14         Micro-Enterprise                            

Micro-enterprise is a way to teach the poor how to fish so that they can sustain on their own economically. Donating for a self-sustaining project will surely improve the quality of life of many generations.  

#15         By Prayer

Praying is a simple small thing to do for children of the poor. “We can do no great things; only small things with great love” – Mother Teresa. Simply join Food For The Poor newsletter and prayer of the week.

Turn your emotion of sympathy and compassion for children of the poor in the form of children’s charity. Your effort in contributing to children’s charity fundraising brings hope. They need you!

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