Monday, December 18

Temple For Angelina Jolie

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Haven’t you heard about this? yes ,there is a temple for the famous actress Angelina Jolie.

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        Haven’t you heard about this Yes,it is true that there is a temple for the famous Hollywood actress ‘ Angelina Jolie ‘ at Cambodia .But believe me ,this is an ancient temple .

It is said that this temple is built on the 12Th century .But now it is known in the name of the actress Angelina Jolie.This temple is made as  Lord Brahma as the main god and Angelina is a regular visitor up here .The film Tomb Raider has many shots being filmed from here .And also the story of film is created with the help of this temple .The american fans had made this very very beautiful temple.And angelina had visited this temple 3 times and she commented that ‘awesome’.she always praised the fans of her all around the world

So if you are going to Cambodia , please visit the temple .If you are lucky enough , you can see Angelina Jolie

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the fans are thinking about to built another temple in california,

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