Thursday, December 14

Dancing For Weight Loss And Total Wellness

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Aside from burning calories, dancing is also helps strengthen and tone up your muscles and bones. It can be done either as low-impact or high-impact workout depending on your body’s demands using your choice of music.  It can be fun and entertaining which veers it away from being a chore.  Because it is fun to do, you are more likely to really do it than other fitness or exercise program.  Dancing also help tone the entire body rather than concentrating on one specific area as a lot of exercises do.

If you join dancing classes, or dance fitness groups, this is also a great opportunity to socialize and meet other people at the same time helping you acquire a better sense of balance and gracefulness if you work with a dance partner. The physical activity in dancing can help you avoid potential illnesses that are frequently connected with being overweight and very little physical activity.  Even with thirty minutes of dancing 4 times a week can produce great results when it comes to your overall wellness and health.

With dancing activities you can have fun a little, laugh a little, and simultaneously work some physical fitness into your life without the notion as though you are agonizing just for the sake of doing your work outs.  A lot of people do very little physical activities for they do not perceive physical activity as fun.

If you are wondering what type of dance is good for you, there are several options to choose from. Square dancing can be fun for couples in the same way as ballroom and swing. Tap dancing, line dancing, clogging, and contra square dancing, and can be enjoyed in larger groups or as a participator in a class. If you want the more intimate type of dance, you could always try Salsa, Tango, Flamenco, or the sexy belly dancing.  Hip hop dancing is also fun in groups, but you can also do this by yourself; and you get to dance the more popular tunes.

If you reside in or around a relatively big neighborhood, it is more likely that you’ll be able to find classes or teachers that offer private lessons for each of these types of dance. You will want to be sure that the person from whom you take lessons from is knowledgeable with what he or she is doing. You can also search your local paper or websites for dancing groups or dance classes on specified days or nights during the week.

Regardless of your dancing experience, dancing is an excellent addition to your lifestyle with the benefits of  improving your health without feeling as if you are actually working for it or experiencing a sense of fear at the very thought of it.


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