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Everything You Wanted to Know About Suriname

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Surinameis a wonderful country which proves as a living example of religious and cultural harmony. The country is home to many Chinese, Indians, Nepalese, Boerese, Jews and Javanese. Most of these people are the second and the third generations of the slaves who were illegally shipped from the African and the Asian countries to Suriname.

The history of Suriname is tainted with innumerable accounts of slavery. Though the slavery came to be abolished for ever by the Netherlands, yet the poor salves were continued to be ill treated and abused for another 10 years until 1873. The rampant physical, mental and sexual abuse by the owners forced these slaves to run away from these bonded labor plantations.

Surinameis home to the world’s most exotic rain forests which harbor a diverse variety of flora and fauna. These rain forests or the Amazon forests are a natural reserve fro many animals and birds.

Surinameis famous for its mining industry and contributes to almost fifteen percent of the GDP of Bauxite. Suriname also experts various other food stuff like shrimps, bananas and rice. Suriname has friendly relations with the United State of America and the majority of its trade is done with the Netherlands, Canada, USA and the Caribbean nations.

The major language being spoken in this country is Dutch and there are other languages like English, Hindi, Javanese, Indonesian and Bhojpuri etc. The currency used in Suriname is known as the Surinamese Dollar (SRD) and is equivalent to 0.369 US dollars.


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