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Seo Application With The Power of Google Maps

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Here is the explanation how to become number one in Google SEO without hard working save a lot of back link. 
This method is very simple and widely used by many companies in the world to introduce their products to the public. Google Maps is used as a vehicle of new SEOs. 
In this paper we sketch how the mini-back link domain can sit at the top without work hard. The key is by using the city name and keywords. Remember  not to be reversed, because if they switch places, then SEO is considered to fail, because the algorithm would be different if the keyword Google and the name of the city behind 

Google Maps 

People find the address on Google Maps, from the main road to the smallest alley. One additional feature that Google can investigate. But not all of us know that Google Maps can also be used as a new SEO tools. 

How to Start? 

This is the initial requirement. To get the keyword in question, you need to get a domain name that begins with a city name and keywords. Egg “Hollywood Mobile Phones” at the top. Why? As it had been described in previous editions,it has a smart domain name with high demand. 
Besides Hollywood Mobile Phones, we can also experiment with other cities from the United States. Because at the moment Google only apply to U.S. and UK regions called Local Business. 

Smart Domain Search 

In the domain selection, it was to note and take advantage of Google’s External Keyword to analyze the extent to which the city and the people search for keywords within a month. Just think back its good we see Google’s External Tools commonly used by the Ad words advertiser.
Domains starting with the city and these keywords are not so idol seekers. But we can be more experimenting again to win this competition. As information, it is not easy to find the big city and many searchable keywords on Google. As we opened the Google External Keyword, there is also open one of our domain sales site, so we can find an interesting site. 

Online Store Website 

This article will explain how to create a website online store. But, if you want to use this method, your site must tend to sell the product, rather than an article. Because, basically, the seeker wants to make transactions of goods, rather than reading tips or tricks. 
If we do not have a store, there are other ways to sell products. Register as an affiliate just like Amazon and Commission Junction.


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