Tuesday, December 12

Some Awesome And Interesting Facts About Suriname

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Surinameis definitely an interesting place. But what actually makes this country so interesting? The reasons are many, and totally different from each other. The first interesting fact about Suriname is the unity in diversity of this country. There possibly is no other country harboring so many different cultural, ethnic and religious groups and yet living in harmony with each other. Where else in the world would you find Chinese, Indians, Jews, American Indians, Muslims, Boerese, Nepalese all living under one roof and being a part of the nation’s integrity and unity?

The next interesting fact to know about Suriname is about the blessing given to it by nature. The Amazon forests or the rain forest form a major part of the country’s topography. Suriname has earned the honor of being one among the very few nations of the entire world, where each of its biome has been declared as a national wild life reserve. The law of the land pertaining to the natural reserves takes almost 30 % of the land area of the entire nation under its purview. One of the natural reserves also hold the man made lake, which is bestowed with the credit of being one among the world’s largest man made lakes.

Religious tolerance has become so scant and rare to find in these modern times of 9/11 and terror attacks. But one look at the Synagogue of the Jews and the Mosque of the Muslims standing utterly close to each other, says a different story.


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