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Vibrant Suriname With Its Plethora of Festivals

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Surinamehas a truly versatile and diverse ethnic culture. The population of Suriname belongs to different parts of the globe with an eclectic mix of cultures, races and nationality. The Indians form the major single group forming a chunk of the population contributing to around twenty seven percent. The next big part of the group is formed by the Surinamese Creoles, who are the current generation of the migrant slaves of West Africa and the Dutch. The Javanese, the Ameri-Indians, the Maroons, Chinese, Boerese, Jews, Brazilians all are a part of the assorted mix of races in Suriname.

This fact has led Suriname to celebrate a lot of festivals, some belonging to the religious beliefs of Hinduism, some to Christianity, some of the Islamic festivals etc. What ever the reason contributing to the festival, the Surinamese have a blast celebrating them. There are some unique kind of festivals which are totally peculiar to the nation like the commemoration and celebration of the arrival days of the Indians, Chinese and the Javanese.

The usual festivals like Christmas, New Year, and Labor Day are all celebrated in tandem with the rest of the world. In addition, the Surinamese also celebrate Diwali, Phagwa of Holi, Ramzan Eid and the Bakr Eid. The national festivals are the Republic Day which falls on the 25thof November every year and the Labor day which is celebrated with the rest of the world on May 1st. There is an additional day of celebration marked out for the indigenous people on the 8thof August every year.


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