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Do You Know Where Suriname is Located On The Globe?

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Despite being popular by the name Suriname, this country is officially known as Republic of Suriname in English, Republiek Suriname in Dutch language and Ripoliku Sranan in the Sranatongo language. This is a country which actually lies to the northern part of South America. To be more precise about the exact location and for the ease of understanding, it would be better to describe Suriname as being hedged in between French Guiana on the east and the western side being occupied by Guyana.

The southern part of the Suriname border is mutually shared with the border of Brazil and the northern border over looks the coast of Atlanta. The small country of Suriname has had to go through major disputes regarding the geographical boundaries, which is especially true on the southern border which it shares with the French Guiana and the Guyana.

The Marowijne and the Corantijn rivers are the points of the disagreement and these rivers have been claimed by both the countries on either side. Finally the disputes and the incongruity grew to such large extents, that the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea had to intervene and offer the required mediation, in the year 2007.

The credit of being the smallest and independent country in Northern America goes to Suriname. There are 3 different cratons which together form the South American Plate. Guiana Shield is the name given to one of these 3 cartons. The importance of the Guiana Shield lays in the fact that Suriname is situated exactly on this craton.


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