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Diagnosis And Management of Human Resources Firm

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Diagnosis and management of human resources firm

Technical diagnosis. In essence, operational diagnosis requires a detailed analysis of the factors of production techniques, manufacturing technologies and production and labor organization, which can be performed by evaluators who have the quality of technical experts. Thus, in relation to fixed assets used, whether or not the property of assessed, evaluators must decide on: the operating status of machinery, the degree of physical wear, their performance in comparison to those that occur worldwide moment (obsolescence), the possibility of future use, the fixed assets recorded in the assets of the unit but can not be used due to changes in the structure of production, conservation opportunity in the transition of assets (if any), conditions in which this was done and the prospects for commissioning. In connection with buildings, the assessment report is a description of those emphasizing: consistency on the ground with construction plans, changes, the legal basis of these changes, the implications for functionality and safety in operation, technical condition and the estimated depreciation their intended changes in buildings and use in future opportunities. Regarding transport, fleet structure examination by category of vehicles, reference will be made to: the usability of the park, a capacity utilization of vehicles, technical condition, the degree of impairment, the possibilities guide the future park the cars in the classification parameters required standards nationally and internationally. Regarding the land is examined: the correlation between categories of existing areas and those in the certificate attesting to ownership of land, improvements to certain categories of land use change of land areas, the legal basis and implications for business.

• Diagnosis commercial market for products aimed at enterprise and its supply market. The main objective is to estimate the commercial diagnosis of current and potential market of the company and its market place. In the commercial diagnosis.

• Diagnosis and management of human resources firm. In this chapter seeks diagnostic knowledge of human resources in terms of evolution, structure, conduct and efficiency of their use and analysis of her leadership team enterprise. In the diagnosis of human resources of a firm under evaluation is necessary to use a system of indicators on the one hand the size, structure and behavior and on the other hand the efficiency of human potential. To characterize the size of the human potential can use the following indicators: average number of employees, the average number of personnel, the maximum number of personnel, determined according to the actual volume of activity and labor provided. Regarding the diagnosis of human resource efficiency, labor efficiency analysis of a firm to evaluate the system by means of covering labor productivity indicators. In terms of enterprise management evaluated the diagnostic management company, presents the following issues: management team, the legal basis under which shall exercise the powers of office management team to position

       Company shareholders, employees, banks, etc..


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