Wednesday, December 13

How Water Can Help Maintain Weight

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         Water is a very simple substance. It is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. But it is very vital for our survival. You have water inside the cells and water outside the cells. Blood has several important functions and is an aqueous solution. All enzymes are designed to function in water. An adult requires around 2-3 liters of water for normal health. The requirement for water will increase in proportion to your physical activity. The importance of water, for survival, can be gauged from the fact that an individual can manage without food for several days, but cannot go without water, for more than two days. If adequate amount of water is not consumed, it is difficult to remove waste products from your body.  The urine becomes more concentrated and you can develop kidney stones.  

         The consumption of water can be manipulated in such a way that maintaining weight and/ or reducing weight, becomes, more easy.  It has been repeatedly suggested that the eating pattern for healthy living, should be in tune with the metabolic activity, prevailing at various times. Metabolic activity is the highest in the morning and the lowest at night. Therefore the food consumption should increase in the morning and should decrease atnight. Such an eating pattern will help to maintain your weight at near constant level.

Water intake in the morning

         It is very difficult to increase your food consumption in the morning, because you don’t feel very hungry. The key to be hungry in the morning, is to empty your bowels properly. After brushing your teeth, drink 750 to 1000 ml of water. This is not easy if you are not used to it. Initially start with 200 ml of water and after every two days, increase your water consumption by 50 ml. Once you have achieved this goal, you are now ready. Do some light aerobics, or simply go for a walk. After about an hour, you can have a very satisfactory emptying of your bowels. Once this is achieved, you will be very hungry and are now ready for a hefty and healthy breakfast.

Water intake at night

        It is important that what you eat in the morning and the afternoon should be nutritionallycomplete. Since metabolism is not very active at night, less number of calories should go into your body at night. When increase in calorie intake takes place at night, calorie retention will occur and will lead to weight increase. Calorie input can be interfered with, in two ways. One method is to increase your fiber intake, since fiber is not digested. Another method is to decrease the efficiency of the digestive process. This can be achieved by drinking water before the meal. This will lead to less food consumption. At the same time, the efficiency of the digestive process is decreased, because the consumption of water dilutes the digestive juices. So, increase your water consumption in the morning and at night.


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